Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: Open Source Energy Infrastructure Update

Energy efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand and we have spent extensive time exploring the various energy options available with the following criteria in mind: 1.  Sustainability (effective, durable, ethical) 2. Duplicability (can be shipped globally, affordable)… Read More

Bjarke Ingels: Sustainable Architecture Evolution

Bjarke Ingels is founder of the Danish sustainable architect group BIG out of Copenhagen. His creations are not typical 2 dimensional architect designs but rather futuristic designs like something found in Hollywood. In fact, Hollywood has even copied… Read More

Compressed Air Powered Car

In Europe two inventors have made a simple air engine, thus opening a new field for compressed air car technology. These engines allow cars to run on compressed air instead of fuel. The air, super compressed and powerful,… Read More

(R)Evolution of the American Dream

The growth of the Occupy Wall Street movement has given us an excellent opportunity to stop and think about where we are, and where we are going. A common statement right now is “end economic slavery” and yet… Read More

Rocket Mass Heaters

A rocket mass heater (also known as a rocket stove mass heater) is an innovative and efficient space heating system that we intend to use throughout the Pods of One Community. Developed by combining the technology of a rocket wood stove and a masonry… Read More

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