(R)Evolution of the American Dream

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That Liberty is a Real Troublemaker

The growth of the Occupy Wall Street movement has given us an excellent opportunity to stop and think about where we are, and where we are going. A common statement right now is “end economic slavery” and yet it seems odd to expect the very people who created this situation, and continue to profit from it, to step up and correct it.

People want the return of the American Dream, but could it be that what we are experiencing is actually the American Dream playing itself out – just not for all Americans? “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” has been operating within a capitalist system in this country from the beginning, and the foundation of a capitalist system is a free-market economy built on competition and survival of the fittest. Many would argue the money saving practices of automation, cheaper overseas labor, downsizing and consolidation, breaking the unions, manipulating monetary and governmental policy, lobbying for the elimination of regulation, etc. etc. costs jobs and negatively affects most Americans, but since when did survival of the fittest ever imply everyone?

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Does this mean capitalism is bad? Of course not, it just means it is predictable and may have run its course like communism, socialism, and the host of other governmental and monetary systems from which we have evolved. The efficiency of almost all aspects of manufacturing, transport, communication, and every other element in the production and distribution of goods has improved and will continue to improve leading to fewer jobs. This is not sustainable. And as the population continues to increase, and jobs continue to decrease, it seems reasonable that the only people who can be expected to create a truly fair and long-term sustainable solution are the people most affected.

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We have the ability right now to create something different, not “a fix” or an adaptation of the current system, but a new system that can create a sustainable livelihood for people not just here, but anywhere in the world. It should be clear it is not jobs that people want, but the life, comfort, and happiness for themselves and their families that they believe a job can provide. So let’s take what’s available and create that: a comfortable and sustainable lifestyle that incorporates fulfilled living practices so people are happy. The technology exists today to not only create something that is financially viable for almost anyone, but also produces a level of abundance that will actually assist the current system until it is no longer necessary.

The primary expenses of people who are hurting the most in this economy are things that can be almost completely eliminated through sustainable food, energy, and construction practices. A little Google searching and you can see that there are already people around the world that are 100% food self-sustainable, producing their own energy, and building sustainable housing that costs less than 1/20th of the cost of traditional housing in the United States. The food is higher quality, the energy is sufficient to actually supply their needs AND be fed back into the grid for income, and the homes are beautiful and longer lasting than most American homes.

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As one of the most developed and forward thinking countries in the world, let’s create a new paradigm of SUSTAINABLE liberty and freedom by founding it on self-sufficiency. It seems highly unlikely that the people who have created the current situation, and continue to profit from it, are going to decide to change their ways; so rather than invest energy in anger at a system that won’t change, let’s put our energy into demonstrating a system that works/functions properly.

Everything we need already exists to produce our own food, supply our own energy, and build housing that doesn’t leave us with a life of debt; and even small steps in this direction help us individually. But why stop there? Why not really work together and create sustainability for the complete human experience including fulfilled living practices, new education models, recreation, a social architecture of conscious living, kindness and love for each other, and the cultural aspects that make us happiest! As people who feel that much of what is happening in the world right now isn’t ethical or necessary, let’s create what we know IS ethical and necessary and demonstrate a better way by living it.

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Jae Sabol
Founding Member of One Community
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead ~

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