Implementing Global Transformation – One Community Weekly Progress Update #38

One Community is designing and implementing a detailed and self-replicating plan for global transformation. We are bringing together the people who want to help us and creating detailed open source blueprints and a self-replicating starting point to reinvent the world as a cooperative of open source sustainable… Read More

Blueprint for a Better World – One Community Weekly Progress Update #31

One Community is a non-profit organization whose goal is creating a blueprint for a better world. This blueprint is a path to a world that is sustainably sustainable and for The Highest Good of All. It comprehensively and simultaneously… Read More

Future Sustainable Cities in Progress – One Community Weekly Progress Update #18

Future sustainable cities need to start somewhere. One Community is that starting point and we are designing seven sustainable city models including do-it-yourself infrastructure for food, housing, energy, and water catchment as well as built-in for-profit and non-profit business infrastructure, an… Read More

One Community Welcomes Stephanie VanderKallen to Our Team of World-change People!

One Community is happy to welcome Stephanie VanderKallen to the One Community team of Consultants and Volunteers helping with the development of the the Education for Life Program. Stephanie is a teacher and a mental health professional who graduated… Read More

Waldorf Curriculum Homeschool Resource Created

We are happy to report that the Waldorf page of the Education for Life program is now live, filled with the results of our Waldorf curriculum and homeschool resources research, and ready for input from anyone who’d like to contribute ideas to make… Read More