One Community Welcomes Stephanie VanderKallen to Our Team of World-change People!

Stephanie VanderKallen, One Community Partner, One Community ConsultantOne Community is happy to welcome Stephanie VanderKallen to the One Community team of Consultants and Volunteers helping with the development of the the Education for Life Program. Stephanie is a teacher and a mental health professional who graduated from California State University Long Beach in 2001 with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Criminal Justice. She then pursued her teaching credential and began teaching special needs students. She has worked in both public and private education settings spanning a broad diversity of socioeconomic background and holding positions including Teacher’s Aide, General Education Teacher (pre-schol, Jr. Kindergarten and Kindergarten), Special Education Teacher (grades 8-12), and Skills Trainer (early intervention in home, elementary and high school; ASD, E/D, Bi-polar, PTSD, MR, LD). Stephanie is now working on her Master’s Degree in Marriage and family Therapy and brings her experience, passion, and desire to create and implement an innovative, collaborative education paradigm that will improve the social, emotional, physical, communicative, academic, and career success of all.

Stephanie’s driving force behind helping and world change is wanting her son to have the best future possible. Combining this desire with her experience and passion for education has led Stephanie to specifically focus on and help us with the development of the Portfolio Template and Collaborative Team Model. Together we are working with Stephanie to evolve our current review and evolution process into a new and improved structure that will better provide the following for all participants in One Community and/or the Education for Life Program:

  • A supportive environment to help in achieving individual learning and growth goals
  • A tool to collaboratively measure results and fine tune strategies for even better results
  • A portfolio for recording growth and development that can be used by the individual indefinitely
  • An on-going record of achievements and learned skills suitable for professional and educational use
  • Easy entry into next level learning and/or desired field(s) of employment and/or contribution

Welcome to the team Stephanie, it is a pleasure to create world change with you!





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