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Thank You!

Thank you for your contribution to the One Community global sustainability project!

One Community is a 100% volunteer organization, every member of our team (including management and our founder) are unpaid, so 100% of every donation goes directly to actual operational and development costs. These costs include website hosting, data backups, security and other paid plugins, domain registrations, and other web and online related expenses. Your donations help to cover those expenses and we are hugely grateful for your support!

If you are a monthly donor, special thanks to you for helping in an ongoing way! When monthly donations are sufficient and consistent enough, we’ll be ready to upgrade our website to a private server. Doing this will improve security, site speed and stability. This is the next big step for One Community’s online presence and every monthly donor is helping!

So thank you again, we cannot say it enough!

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization so your contribution is tax deductible.* Please print this page for your records and keep it with the email receipt from PayPal.



If you are looking for some additional ways to help us exponentially increase awareness and practical development of sustainable and fulfilled living, please take a look at our comprehensive Helping One Community Page. We will list some of the options from that page here:

● If you know others that might be interested in our project, please share it with them!

● If you know anyone that may be interested in making a large donation to enable us to secure our property, please share this page: Investor Overview

● Take a look at our Helping One Community via the Internet Page with options ranging from 30 seconds to 30 minutes.

● If you haven’t already, please connect with our project via TwitterFacebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn, or any of the social networks (at the bottom of this page) and e-mail subscribe to our weekly progress updates.

● If you are interested in joining us, or know anyone who may be interested, please refer to the following pages:

Click Here for our General Application Click Here for the Pioneer Member Application Click Here for the Satellite Member Application


Sincerely and with gratitude,

Team One Community

* Note: In accordance with non-profit guidelines, no goods or services were provided in return for this donation.