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Creating Transformational Change

One Community sees the issues of the world as interdependent and interconnected. To address them simultaneously, we are open-source blueprinting a more advanced standard of living for all by designing holistic, environmentally regenerative, self-sustaining, adaptable solutions for food, energy, housing, education, economics, and society. We will model these within a comprehensive “village/city” which will be built in the southwestern U.S. This teacher/demonstration hub will be a place people can experience and then duplicate with our open source blueprints; creating a model solution that creates additional solution creating models.

This page overviews and links to all the specifics of One Community that we feel are most important and includes the following sections:





One Community’s goal is the complete transformation of our planet through:

In accomplishing the above three goals, we will create an entirely new paradigm of philanthropy and humanitarianism founded on complete solutions versus bandages. This will demonstrate the value of an interconnected and comprehensive approach by providing a living example people can experience and replicate. Most significantly, we will demonstrate and provide a path for people to help the world while simultaneously and dramatically improving their own lives. In turn, this will predictably create exponential growth and involvement in spreading, evolving, and open source sharing everything we do as a self-propagating path to dramatic and global benefit for the entire human organism.


Our approach is to address global need by giving people what they want. The “need” is a regenerative model for society and the planet that will lead to transformational global change. The “want” is a life that is more affordable, fulfilling, and positive in its impact on the lives of individuals and their families. Combining these also happens to address our planet’s sustainability needs and is, in its purest form, consciously enacted for The Highest Good of All. Our path to accomplishing both simultaneously is providing a sustainable sustainability model that:

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We see the following areas as foundational to making our model desirable, impactful, and self-replicating:


More specifically, we are purposed to provide everything necessary to make duplication and further evolution of each of these areas as easy as possible. Each area will be duplicable either as an individual component or all together as complete teacher/demonstration hubs like One Community. We are developing and sharing in detail:

  • Complete duplication plans
  • Complete cost and implementation needs
  • Complete cost analysis for material and equipment
  • Complete time investment needs for each component
  • How to work with local governments, counties, codes, etc.
  • Specifically how to duplicate each component, and what to be aware of
  • The best places that we’ve found to purchase materials, equipment, and other related elements
  • Our complete and on-going experience. This includes evolutions of all of the above as well as an educational systemsocial architecture, and other Highest Good of All lifestyle and stewardship practices


There are 5 foundations that we feel define our organization and our approach to global transformation:

Areas we have invested significant energy in to support these foundations include:

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●  We believe the essential steps to positive and permanent global transformation are demonstrating people living and creating for The Highest Good of All as a more fulfilling, fun, and rewarding experience and creating a clear roadmap for duplication.

●  We believe it is essential to demonstrate an evolution of sustainability that incorporates a more fulfilled way of living while simultaneously addresses all the challenges the human species is currently experiencing so that we create solutions instead of bandages.

●  We believe the open source project-launch blueprinting of all aspects of One Community, making them easily and affordably duplicable as individual components or complete self-sufficient teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities like One Community, is the fastest way to spread the model and facilitate positive and permanent global transformation.

●  We believe that by teaching people how to build complete models for food, energy, and a variety of sustainable housing infrastructure models, how to work with local governments and agencies, how to obtain funding, that a more fulfilled way of living is possible, how to establish their own eco-tourism or other business models, and how to share their abundance and knowledge with surrounding communities, then people can start duplicating the model and creating communities around the world that will assist in the creation of increasingly more like-minded communities and ultimately a sustainable planet.

●  We believe in being the change we wish to see in the world and in teaching others how they can be the change too.


Q: What sets One Community apart from similar projects?

One Community’s open source project-launch blueprinting strategy and the fact that we are open sourcing and addressing ALL elements of society simultaneously are a combination unique to our organization. Together these will help others duplicate what we do and create self-propagating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities capable of positively impacting every single person on this planet within one generation.

Q: What sets One Community’s open source goals apart from similar projects?

We are already “walking our talk” through the comprehensive nature and detail of everything we are open source project-launch blueprinting, We also offer free use of our business plan, all website content, our back office structure, and the continuing development of two additional websites:

  1. Ethosolutions.org :: Supporting any unarguably forward thinking product, idea, or organization by featuring them as “ethosolutions” through the creation of promotional and supportive web pages, helping everyone build a better world.
  2. PeoplesAgenda21.com :: A forty-chapter open source sustainability website we have built to comprehensively share sustainability action items. It provides steps that anyone can take to support sustainability covering everything from protecting the atmosphere to sustainable livelihoods to promoting human health, biotechnology management, and more.
As we continue to establish ourselves as leaders in the open-source global-transformation movement, these two websites provide the infrastructure to allow us to continuously organize and promote like-minded people and organizations. These websites also help us identify areas where more open source content is needed so One Community can specifically open source project-launch and provide these needed resources.

Q: What is the specific One Community short-term goal?

  1. To become a world leader in global-solution information content within 6 months of moving onto the property as detailed in our open source project-launch blueprinting page.
  2. To expand within 5 years to a community of 200 full-time residents producing ongoing tools, resources, and tutorials while hosting thousands of annual visitors as outlined in our long-term vision page.
  3. To define the global-solution industry itself as an open source industry, expanding mainstream awareness, appeal, and desire for comprehensive sustainability by demonstrating and sharing a more attractive and fulfilling way of living that people can have if they desire to create it also.
  4. To teach as many people as possible to duplicate and/or evolve our global transformation model.

Q: What is the ultimate One Community long-term goal?

To provide what is necessary for the next wave of teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities to be built all over the world as our open source project-launch blueprinting partners and fellow leaders of the open source, Highest Good of All, and sustainable planet movement leading to a New Golden Age of cooperation, collaboration, innovation, creativity, sustainable living, and increased happiness for the entire human organism.

Q: How is One Community funded?

We are still seeking funding. Please see our Funding Related Details Page.

Q: Where will One Community be located and why?

Click HERE for property details that include why we have chosen the location we have.

Q: How far is One Community in the creation process?

Visit our progress page for a regularly updated list of our accomplishments and progress. Visit our blog for our on-going mini-updates and weekly summaries of accomplishments and progress.

Q: If you are giving everything away through open source, how do you intend to make money?

Our model is designed to prosper specifically because we are giving everything away through open source project-launch blueprinting. We accomplish this through eco-toursim marketed with the open source infrastructure we have already created and other supported revenue streams outlined on our revenue streams page. All of this further promotes our model of spreading sustainability and actively promoting and distributing even more open source blueprints for duplication by as many people as possible.


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