The Global Sustainability Collaborative – We are Happy and Excited to Lead!

global collaboration, international sustainability, leading global forward movementAs we’ve announced here before our sustainability non profit organization is A) intent upon leading a global sustainability collaborative and B) the grateful recipient of a $10,000 a month internet marketing grant. After over 6 months of preparation and research we launched this aspect of our marketing campaign three weeks ago. What we didn’t expect was the international response to this campaign as we are now getting over 9,000 new international visitors a month to our overview site!

This is an extremely exciting occurrence for us as it is a HUGE leap forward in exposing and engaging a global audience to help promote and develop even faster our four-phase global change strategy. With this new exposure we are hoping to bring on several international consultant to help with continued development and engineering of our 7 Sustainable Village Models.

To more specifically engage this audience we created the following page to better and more efficiently provide the details of what it is that we are open source and free-sharing designs for:


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