Thrive: A Wake Up Call

Thrive is a newly released, visual stunning transformational movie about the state of affairs on our planet and some suggestions for solutions and new ways of thinking about the way that we live our lives.

The movie is written and produced by Foster and his wife, Kimberly, Gamble. Foster is the great-great-grandson of James Gamble, co-founder of Proctor and Gamble.  He, alongside his wife, follows his life long calling toward a unified understanding of universal energy through the study of spirit, consciousness, the geometry of space and how we can work with it to create boundless abundance. Thrive is their offering to the world, a wake up call to all who sleep, and a message of hope to those who aren’t.

The movie begins with some explanation of sacred geometry, specifically the vector equilibrium and the torus, which are the masculine and feminine versions of the same energy.  The torus field flows around the structure provided by the vector equilibrium and the 64 grid tetrahedron.  Special guest Nassim Haramein helps to explain about these geometries and the implications that they have on free energy and working with the fabric of space with technologies such as space travel and replication.

The film continues on to speak about crop circles and their possible origins and the specific phenomena that are found within the crop circles, such as elevated electromagnetic radiation and small magnetic particles within the circles that aren’t found anywhere else in the fields.  One of the more amazing pieces to take from this section is the explanation of a one of the crop circles in particular.  In 1972, Carl Sagan and SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) created a binary code message and sent it to space on a radio signal.  This message contained a number of bits of information about humans and Earth, such as where we are located in the solar system, information on our DNA, that we are carbon based.  Years later, a crop circle showed up next to the particular SETI satellite from which the message was sent.  The crop circle looked very much like the binary message sent in ‘72 with a few particular changes.  Instead of carbon-based, this message relayed a silicon-based life form with 3 strands of DNA that lived on a planet that has 4 moons!  One day later, another formation was found a few hundred feet away with the face of what most people would say is an E.T.

About a half of the way through, the movie takes a turn into the state of affairs here on Planet Earth.  I understand the necessity of waking people up to the ways that we are being manipulated and having our power and freedoms taken from us.  There are many places that one can go to find out more information on these topics.  Because I want to focus more on the solutions and ways that we can create the world that we want to live in, you will have to watch the movie in order to learn more about the things that the “powers that be” are doing in order to hold back our progress.

The end of the movie brings it full circle to talk more about solutions and specific ways that we can get the ball rolling to create a more beautiful future for us and our children.  It also speaks to their website, which is to be a portal for those wanting to confirm facts or take action.  There is also a large resource of information on the specific of what they speak about in the movie.

Thrive is a movie that is needed, and right on time.  More people than ever are waking up to the new ways of living life.  One Community applaudes Foster and Kimberly Gamble for all they have put into making this movie what it is and getting it out to the world in a big way.  Thank you.

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