Solutions for Desertification: Afforestation/Anti-Desertification Video

DesertificationIn many parts of the world, land once ripe for farming is turning into desert and losing life due to the process of desertification; this is the case in the Niger Republic of Africa. Land desertification is causing a great problem for the farmers and villagers who have families and mouths to feed. As this environmental problem grows around the world seriously threatening life, experts step up to find a solution and one man has found a very good one.

Tony RinaudoTony Rinaudo figures out a solution to the problem; it’s called Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR). After years of research and almost giving up, Tony found that the answer to fighting desertification was right at his feet. This anti-desertification process is a natural regeneration of tree stumps that had previously been overlooked because people didn’t see how old tree stumps would help them grow crops. The trees bring back wildlife and the natural ecosystem begins working again, creating life for all and allowing nature to stop desertification. Vast areas have now gone from barren land to lush, green fields and farm land again.

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