Getting Done What Needs To Be Done

One Community is an elite team of dedicated, organized, and unpaid volunteer professionals contributing weekly to an ever-evolving action list. The current creation phase of the One Community project is the most important developmental aspect of the entire project. We seek others excited to create this with us (click here for the Who We Are and Who We Seek page) and this page is about the minimum time investment anyone interested in joining the One Community Team as a Pioneer or Satellite Member can expect to contribute. The five sections of this page are:





Creating historic global change and building a sustainable civilization from the ground up requires a very special kind of team. All members need to be self-motivated, accountable, responsible, and creative problem solvers. A fiercely positive attitude focused on what is possible and a genuine enjoyment of the process of engaging the unknown is essential. Perseverance, dedication, and ultimately faith that we can and will succeed are our foundations for success.



The current minimum contribution commitment to be a Pioneer or Satellite member of the One Community Team is 7-10 hours per person per week. The minimum tangible contribution is only 5 hours a week (see our Policies and Procedures page). Many people do more. The minimum requirement, however, is 5 tangible contribution hours and, in the case of Pioneer Members, an additional few hours each week for collaborative calls and other details. This amounts to a minimum total of about 7-10 weekly hours for Pioneers, 20-25 for management/leadership positions, and a minimum of 5 hours for Satellite Members.



Specific action items that move us forward are “tangible contribution” because they address items on the Work Breakdown Structure. We differentiate this time from other activities because it directly impacts the completion of a project. Creating tangible contribution tasks is a process of:

  1. Identifying top priorities
  2. Breaking large tasks into smaller tasks (click here for template)
  3. Contributing a minimum of 5 hours each week to the completion of tasks from the Work Breakdown Structure
  4. Logging our specific activity and results (including Google Doc links to data) in the Highest Good Network app



Q: I could contribute 10 hours a week or so but I’m not sure if I should join now or later? 

We desire to work with people that are specifically excited to be a part of this formative stage of One Community and contribute to the diversity of tasks we are currently working on. If you aren’t sure you are ready, you should wait.

Q: What counts as Tangible Contribution?

Action Items on the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and/or directly related to the WBS.

Q: What if a person doesn’t know what to do?

Ask your Welcome Team FacilitatorProject Team Facilitator or Jae for guidance.

Q: How does time get logged?

Our time is logged in the Highest Good Network Application designed specifically for this purpose. When logging activity, items are specifically designated as “tangible” or “intangible” and then the following is included:

  • How much time was invested
  • The details of what was accomplished
  • A link to a Google Doc collaborative space or other tangible record of what was done

Q: What do people do if they are going to be gone for a week?

Please see the Policies and Procedures page for details on our hands-off administrative system that addresses this.

Q: What does a person do if they didn’t get their hours done one week?

Please see the Policies and Procedures page for details on our hands-off administrative system.

Q: Where did the choice for 5 hours come from?

Five hours was one hour per work-weekday and/or the amount that was considered doable in one evening. This number was chosen so people with extremely busy lives could still be Pioneers or Satellite Members and able to meet the expectations of this project until the Pioneer Team all “quit our day jobs” and move to the property to create One Community full-time as a team.

Q: What if a person wanted to do more than 5 hours of tangible contribution?

We welcome any and all time above the 5 hour minimum and all time working on projects is considered “tangible time” after the core of 5 tangible contribution hours. We keep a record of this in a separate log so people can see how much “above and beyond” everyone has contributed as members of the team.

Q: Why can’t everyone just contribute what they want without accountability or consequences?

One Community uses the hands-off administrative policy. This policy allows volunteers to be 100% at choice in their participation while also assuring that tasks are accomplished to drive the project forward based on the timeline.

Q: How is this system maintained and evolved?

This system is maintained by the clear dedication and commitment of each individual to this project and our shared values and goals, the hands-off administrative process outlined on our Policies and Procedures page, and our monthly 2-way review process.

Q: How will you keep participation ongoing and fair on the property? How will you assure everyone does their part?

We will use an adapted form of the hands-off administrative policy we’ve tested and proven successful over the last ten years. This policy maintains transparency, equal participation, and fairness without the need for hierarchical leadership structures, and leads to removal of anyone who does not do their fair share.