Together we are an ocean

Welcome to the Team

Welcome to the team and thank you for becoming a part of world change with us! This page was created to walk you through our volunteer structure and set-up process.

PLEASE take the time (probably 1-2 hours) to:

  1. Read and fully understand this page
  2. Complete the requested steps on your GoogleDoc
  3. Read/review any documents, webpages, or files listed on your GoogleDoc

Combined, this page and your GoogleDoc completely define our new relationship and are purposed to ensure we both accomplish our win-win goals in the most effective and mutually beneficial ways possible.


We pride ourselves on being an organization that works with professionals and as such we treat you like one and desire the same respect in return. Here are the things you can do to help us maintain our smooth-running and effective creation and collaboration process:

  1. Complete the number of hours you have committed to each week
  2. Daily self-report your tasks & approximate time spent on them on your GoogleDoc
  3. Stay self-motivated and be proactive in asking questions so we know if you need something
  4. Prioritize your task list (or ask if unclear) so items that others may be waiting on get done first
  5. Follow through in a timely fashion with the work you say you will, especially when collaborating
  6. Regularly communicate: Be on all project calls, respond to calls and messages from us in a timely fashion, and let us know as soon as possible if your availability/capability changes


Our goal is to support and benefit everyone who helps us as much as possible now and into the future through:

As soon as you have completed any work that we can share as part of our weekly updates, we begin promoting you in those updates. If you desire it, we also add your bio, your company’s bio, or both to our Collaborator Page (for individuals) and/or our Highest Good Collaboration page (for organizations) after two months of working with us and completing the weekly hours you committed to in the initial interview. The information we need from you is on your partnership GoogleDoc for us to promote you in our weekly updates, on our Consultant/Volunteer page, and/or as one of our Highest Good Collaborators.


World Change People, One Community, global transformation, people changing the worldWe thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us! Everyone working on this project, including the Directors, are unpaid volunteers and we feel that is something really special. Equally special, in our opinion, is the fact that each person working on this project is doing so because they really want to.

If things take you in a different direction for any reason, just let us know. We will remain grateful for whatever level of help you have provided to that point.

We state this here because it is difficult to put into words how thankful we are and we feel it is important to make clear from the beginning that we understand that what you are providing to this project is truly a gift. We know that time availability, circumstances, and life in general could always change and we want you to know that if at any time your contribution to One Community feels like something you cannot or do not wish to continue, all we ask is that you tell us sooner rather than later.

Welcome to One Community and THANK YOU AGAIN!


Please visit and complete the details on your collaborative GoogleDoc. You will find specific instructions on that document.


Q: How do I get started, find information on the component I’ll be working on, ask questions, etc.?

All of this is explained and on your GoogleDoc accessed through the email you received.

Q: How do I get featured in the weekly updates blog, on the open source hubs, and/or other consultant pages?

If you have stated such a desire, you will be featured in the weekly updates blog as soon as you complete significant enough progress for us to share as an update on your work. Visit our weekly updates blog for examples of the kind of progress we report on. You will be added to the open source hubs and our Collaborator Page (for individuals) and/or our Highest Good Collaboration page (for organizations) after 2 months of consistent contribution as agreed upon and committed to during your initial interview and  follow-up letter.

Q: On the GoogleDoc it requests that I report my time, why?

There are three reasons we request people self-report their time. The first is because it is how we monitor progress and your effectiveness as a team member working on the components you are helping with and meeting the weekly time commitment you agreed to in your application and interview. The second is because it helps the people who create our weekly updates blog summarize your work and progress. Third is because we are keeping track of how much time goes into each component of One Community as part of our open source goals to share every aspect of the creation and building process.

Q: What if something happens and I can’t help anymore?

Please just tell us. We’re all unpaid volunteers (including Jae), so communicating sooner rather than later is very helpful in saving us administrative time and energy.