Highest Good Network

Highest Good Network and Community Sharing, Collaboration, and Management Software

The Highest Good Network application is an open source and free-shared web-based application One Community is developing for Highest Good collaboration, time tracking, and objective data collection. It is designed to help organizations like One Community create and share replicable and open-source solutions for sustainable communities of the future. It is a tool inspired by the desire for simple, scalable, and flexible project and lifestyle management in a new era of mass open-source collaboration where the line between work and play is blurred.

This page discusses the Highest Good Network with the following sections:

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ACE Application, improving city efficiency, creating the world we wantThe HGN application is designed to help track and organize project ideas and activities from conception to reality. This means logging the entire lifecycle of a project or activity, from idea conception, to planning, implementation, testing, evaluation and improvement. Version 2 is under construction now and will allow users to build and manage teams, log tasks or activities completed for projects and community events, run detailed reports, and earn badges for over 200 different project-related achievements. Version 3 will include advanced collaboration options and the ability to inventory and track materials to help with construction of the 7 sustainable village models and options for integration with the One Community open source education program and culture of personal growth. This will mean an open source tool with the ability to track and view task contributions and activities across all aspects of life, whether it is design work in an office, hands-on labor out in the field, or social activities in a recreation center.



ACE Application, improving city efficiency, creating the world we wantAs we build One Community as part of a global collaborative of self-sufficient and self-replicating teacher/demonstration communities, villages and cities, we will be using this application to objectively log, evaluate, share, and collaborate with other communities, villages, and cities interested in working together for The Highest Good of All. Combining the data of others with our data, we will evolve a global village construction database and objectively evaluate and share Highest Good society creation and operation for comparison with other models. Our vision is for the Highest Good Network (HGN) application to become a platform capable of providing for the organizational, sharing, and objective data gathering, comparison and collaboration needs for massive open-source projects, teams, communities and knowledge bases around the world; using a custom design to allow groups of people at all scales to help coordinate and share progress in day-to-day activities and on long-term projects.





Andrew Herman: Software Engineer and Cofounder of Futurist Playground
Justen Palmer
: Systems Architect, Web Instructor, and Computer Science Engineer
Lokesh Gopu: Software Engineer
Priti KothariInformation Technology Enthusiast
Shubhra MittalSoftware Delivery Manager
Sowmya Manohar: Software Engineer, Web Developer & Net Application Developer
Tyler GonnsenSoftware Architecture Consultant, Website and Web Application Developer



The big-picture goals for this software are:

The version 2.0 build we are working on now will provide:

  • Project task management, tracking, and gamification components
  • Advanced reports and analytics
  • Announcements functionality
  • Team, event, and operations networking
  • Meetings and activity notifications and participation tracking
  • Participant evaluation and skills learned and applied logging

Version 3.0 will provide:

  • Materials tracking for the Duplicable City Center and 7 Villages 
  • Increased inner-community/village/city communication functionality
  • Increased global collaboration and communication functionality 
  • Building equipment and tools logging and tracking 
  • Community resource utilization tracking

Once we get on the property, the list above will evolve into links to individual pages for each bullet point including all our experience, app configuration tutorials, and the open source project-launch blueprinting details so additional teacher/demonstration villages can use this application in collaboration with us to further increase the accuracy of our data and ease and efficiency of duplicating all of the components of One Community.



You can only know where you’re going if you know where you’ve been.” – James Burke

ACE Application, improving city efficiency, creating the world we wantOne Community has been through several iterations of software solutions for project management and task tracking in the last few years, and a great deal has been learned from each about what works and what doesn’t for our collaborative open-source workflow. This progression has been an invaluable experience that has clarified what is needed to make the Highest Good Network Application be a success.

Here is an overview of the learnings we have gathered from our experience with developing and using several project management and collaboration tools. We are integrating these learnings into the next iteration of the Highest Good Network Application:

2011 – Google Docs and Asana
  • Asana project software and Google spreadsheets with custom color-coded templates
  • Features: Organized sections by team, basic data summation and analytics
  • Advantages: Simple, visually appealing, organized, easy to read, understand and modify
  • Limitations: Difficult to learn & manage and analyze historical data, not scalable with large datasets
  • Takeaways: Need a simple to learn and use application that is also scalable
2012 to Present – ACE App
  • Custom web-based application developed by Justen Palmer. ACE stands for Accountability Celebration and Expansion
  • Features: Contribution log, Personal profile page, Reports function for each Project Team
  • Advantages: Intuitive, minimalistic, extremely smooth and responsive interface, easy for new members to learn, data is accessible via reports and user profiles
  • Limitations: Not accessible to many developers for further development of features
  • Takeaways: Create a solid core platform that is easy to contribute and add to
2015 – Highest Good Network App V1
  • Custom web-based application developed over a summer by 4-person intern team
  • Features: Tasks and subtasks, badge-based gamification
  • Advantages: Accessible web-based application with feature-rich experience
  • Limitations: Did not follow stable underlying framework, left incomplete for other contributors
  • Takeaways: Create a stable platform and open-source community around application development
2016 – Highest Good Network App V2 (Under Development)

Highest Good society, fulfilled living, enriched life, enriching life, living to live, how to live an enriched life, keeping it all running, sustainable living, social architecture, fulfilled living, thriving, thrivability, emotional sustainability, the good life, a new way to liveWith design and development started in late 2016, the Highest Good Network Application (version 2) will incorporate the advantages of earlier iterations, while being mindful to avoid their shortcomings. The new HGN app will include the functionality to serve as a robust project management and task-logging tool, but with the platform and capability to do much more, such as:

  • Project task management, tracking, and gamification components
  • Advanced reports and analytics
  • Announcements functionality
  • Team, event, and operations networking
  • Meetings and activity notifications and participation tracking
  • Participant evaluation and skills learned and applied logging



We are building the team to finish developing the next generation of this software. Here are some screenshots from our GitHub for the most recent version of the Highest Good Network software. Here is a GoogleDoc with a detailed description of the desired functionality for the framework shown in the image below. To work on this platform you need to know basic Javascript, HTML, and CSS. Bonus knowledge would include: Ember.js , Handlebars.js, Backbone.js. Node.js, NoSql DB. 

Highest Good Network Version 3, Basic Javascript, HTML, and CSS, Ember.js , Handlebars.js, Backbone.js. Node.js, NoSql DB

Highest Good Network Version 3 – Click for GitHub Repository




ACE Application, improving city efficiency, creating the world we wantCurrent trends indicate a future with more open and fluid collaboration between organizations, governments, volunteer and social groups. To facilitate and encourage this, the HGN app will offer intuitive and flexible organization of teams and projects that can easily adapt to changing conditions or requirements. The Highest Good Network will provide useful data for everything from individual benefits gained through creating a culture of fulfilled living practices, to construction time and materials tracking for infrastructure, to complete city economic, social, and physical resource use and evolution.



Q: Why don’t you use an existing project management software?

Our global goals necessitate a very specific, comprehensive, and open source tool. We have tried several of the leading project management tools and reviewed many others and nothing exists with the features we need.

Q: Are future teacher/demonstration communities, villages and cities required to use this application?

No, everything we create is open source and free-shared so people can use it (or not use it) however they want.

Q: I see Highest Good Network is Trademarked. Will this software be trademarked or copyrighted?

No, only the name is Trademarked.