Highest Good Network

Highest Good Network and Community Sharing, Collaboration, and Management Software

The Highest Good Network® application is an open source and free-shared web-based application for collaboration, time tracking, and objective data collection. It is designed to help organizations like One Community create and share replicable and open-source solutions for sustainable communities of the future. It is a tool inspired by the desire for simple, scalable, and flexible project and lifestyle management in a new era of mass open-source collaboration where the line between work and play is blurred.

This page discusses the Highest Good Network® with the following sections:


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ACE Application, improving city efficiency, creating the world we wantThe purpose of the Highest Good Network is to provide software for internal operations and external cooperation. The end state of this program is to make the HGN software available worldwide and in support of the different countries and communities replicating the One Community sustainable village models and related components. It will function as the main means for people across the world to cooperate, collaborate, and improve sustainable ways of living across different environments.

Internally, this software gives One Community (and approved contributors) the ability to monitor its workforce, track projects and materials-use within projects, share events and track participation, track development within the educational programs, and track and collaborate during the decision-making process. Externally, the software provides a basic and public overview of the data collected and areas developing within One Community and a tool to help outside contributors build the open source library.

HGN Program Charter | HGN Phase I Project Charter



ACE Application, improving city efficiency, creating the world we wantThe Highest Good Network will provide the organization, sharing, and objective data gathering, comparison and collaboration structure for massive open-source projects, teams, communities and knowledge bases around the world. One Community will function as the self-sufficient teacher/demonstration-hub prototype demonstrating and sharing everything needed for others to build their own teacher/demonstration hubs, communities, villages, and even cities. The Highest Good Network will be the software used for collaboration between the various groups replicating and expanding the open source designs. It will be the foundation for city management, collaborative development, and data gathering and sharing to compare and improve all components.



There are 5 planned phases for the development of the Highest Good Network. The Project Charter for phase 1 and Phase 1 Work Breakdown Structure share the specifics of the objectives/deliverables and action items for our current phase of development. Phase 1 is complete enough for us to currently use the software for time tracking. We’re seeking help now to help finish the rest of the Phase 1 features and all of Phase 2. 

The 5 phases of development (and their respective deliverables) are described in detail in the Highest Good Network Program Charter. They are:

  • Phase 1 – Labor Tracking  (Project CharterWork Breakdown Structure)
  • Phase 2 – Materials and Project Tracking
  • Phase 3 – Social Architecture
  • Phase 4 – Educational Programs
  • Phase 5 – Governance

We will complete them in the order above to provide timely access to:

  1. Logging community participation and contribution (in use for the past couple years)
  2. Gathering data and running reports on infrastructure materials and build times
  3. Global collaboration on improving city construction and maintenance efficiency
  4. Gathering data, running reports, and organizing city social and recreation functions
  5. Logging and tracking education components of the Education for Life program
  6. Logging specific work experience and skills data for individual resume use
  7. Improving efficiency and communication during large-scale consensus implementation
  8. Sharing and collaborating on all the above data to make everything easier for others



The software is currently in use, so an experienced person can pretty much jump right into development. You’ll choose from a list of requested functionality and functionality/bug fixes ranging from easy to complex. Work is mostly independent and we use Slack for team help with problem solving.


  • Minimum 1+ years exp. in React.js
  • Minimum 1+ years exp. in Javascript, HTML, and CSS
  • Minimum of 10 hours a week to volunteer
  • Must be available for at least 2 months
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Be someone who is creative, likes problem solving, debugging, and developing new functionality



The Highest Good Network software is built with React.js, Express.js, and MondgoDB. The software is live and we’re debugging it and adding new functionality. Here are the 2 main GitHub repositories and the Work Breakdown Structure:


Highest Good Network Process Flow, global collaboration, sustainable city management, consensus management, project management, eco-village development, sustainable design, HGN, One Community, One Community Global, sustainable world development

Highest Good Network Process Flow – Click for the open source source-document

Highest Good Network Information Flow, global collaboration, sustainable city management, consensus management, project management, eco-village development, sustainable design, HGN, One Community, One Community Global, sustainable world development

Highest Good Network dashboard, HGN Time Tracking, Highest Good Network, One Community Global, One Community accountability, One Community software, Highest Good Network reports, Highest Good society

Highest Good Network Current Version in Use – Click for GitHub Repository





ACE Application, improving city efficiency, creating the world we wantCurrent trends indicate a future with more open and fluid collaboration between organizations, governments, volunteer and social groups. To facilitate and encourage this, the HGN app will offer intuitive and flexible organization of teams and projects that can easily adapt to changing conditions or requirements. The Highest Good Network will provide useful data for everything from individual benefits gained through creating a culture of fulfilled living practices, to construction time and materials tracking for infrastructure, to complete city economic, social, and physical resource use and evolution.



Q: Why don’t you use an existing project management software?

Our global goals necessitate a very specific, comprehensive, and open source tool. We have tried several of the leading project management tools and reviewed many others and nothing exists with the features we need.

Q: Are future teacher/demonstration communities, villages and cities required to use this application?

No, everything we create is open source and free-shared so people can use it (or not use it) however they want.

Q: I see Highest Good Network is trademarked. Will this software be trademarked or copyrighted?

No, only the name is trademarked.



Aaron Persaud: Software Developer
Abdelmounaim “Abdel” Lallouache: Software Developer
Abi Liu: Software Engineer
Adam Capdevill: Software Engineer
Aishwarya Kalkundrikar: Full Stack Software Developer
Aishwarya SinghComputer Science Engineer
Alan Lee Sing Chan Yau: Software Engineer
Aleksandra “Alex” Gorkovenko: Graphic Designer
Alexander G Huerta: Software Engineer
Alvaro Hernández: Open Source Tech Consultant, Developer
Anand Seshadri: Software Engineer
Andon Ignatov: Senior Web Developer
Andrew Herman: Software Engineer and Cofounder of Futurist Playground
Angelina Truong: Full Stack Software Developer
Anirudh Dutt: Software Developer
Anirudh Ghildiyal: Software Engineer
Anish Pandita: Software Engineer
Anny Wang: Software Engineer
Asha TadimariSoftware Engineer
Ayush Tripathi: Full Stack Developer
Bailey Mejia: Software Engineer
Bhuvan Dama: Full stack Developer
Carl Bebli: Software Developer
Carlos Gomez: Full-stack Software Developer
Changhao Li: Software Engineer
Cheng-Yun Chuang: Software Engineer
Chengyan Wang: Software Engineer
Chris Chen: Software Engineer

Chris Weilacker: Software Engineer
Christy Guo: Software Engineer
Clemar Nunes: Web Developer
Dhairya Mehta: Software Engineer
Durgeshwari Naikwade: Data Analyst
Eduardo Horta: Software Engineer
Eduardo Varjão: Frontend Developer
Edwin Estuardo Lau Mack: Software Engineer
Eiki Kan: Software Engineer
Fan Yang: Software Engineer
Filipe Santos de Oliveira: Full Stack Developer
Guilherme Wustro: Full Stack Developer
Hannah Gardner Hattersley: Software Engineer
Haohui Lin: Software Engineer
Haoji Bian: Software Engineer
Harlley Bastos: Full Stack Developer
Harsh BodgalSoftware Engineer
Hector Agudelo-Carmona: Front-End Developer
Henry Nguyen: React Developer
Hetvi Patel: Full Stack Developer
Hoang Pham: Software Developer
Huijie Liu: Software Engineer
Ilya Flaks: Software Engineer
Imran Issa: Software Developer
Jason Kim: Software Engineer
Jiadong Zhang: Software Engineer
Jiarong Li: Software Engineer
Jiangwei Shi: Full Stack Engineer
Jianjun Luo: Software Engineer
Jinchao Feng: Software Engineer
Jingyi Jia: Software Engineer
Jiyuan Xia: Software Engineer
John Mumbi: Software Engineer
Johny dos Santos Anastacio: Software Engineer
Jordan MillerWeb Developer
Jun Hao: Software Engineer
Justen Palmer
: Systems Architect, Web Instructor, and Computer Science Engineer
KaiKane Lacno: Software Developer and Team Manager
Kaixiang “Kevin” Gu: Fullstack Software Developer
Kaung Htet Myat: Software Engineer
Kevin Shields: Software Engineer
Kurtis Ivey: Full Stack Developer
Lawrence Chua: Full Stack Software Developer
Leon Zhuang: Software Engineer
Lin Khant Htel: Frontend Software Developer
Lokesh Gopu: Software Engineer
Lu Wang: Software Engineer
Lucas Emanuel Souza Silva: Software Developer
Lucile Tronczyk: Full Stack Software Developer
Luis Arevalo: Front End Developer
Malav Patel: Software developer
Masasa Thapelo: Software Engineer
Meet Padhiar: Software Engineer
Miguel Fernandes: Full-stack Developer
Miguelcloid Reniva: Software Developer
Mingqian Chen: Software Engineer
Mohammad Abbas: Software Engineer
Mounica Dingar: Software Developer
Nahiyan Ahmed: Full Stack Software Developer
Narek Tsaturyan: Software Engineer
Nathan Hoffman: Software Engineer
Navneeth Krishna: Software Engineer
Navya Madiraju: React.js/MongoDB Full Stack Developer
Nicolle Coelho: Software Engineer
Nida Zaki: Software Engineer
Nidhi Galgali: Software Developer
Nithesh Narayanan: Tech Lead
Obeda Andrilalaina Velonjatovo: Front End Developer/Software Developer
Oleksandr Riazantsev: Project Management Advisor
Olena Danykh: Software Engineer
Olga Yudkin: Software Engineer
Olusola “Sola” Akinbode: Full Stack Software Developer
Palak Gosalia: Software Engineer
Papia Sharmin: Full Stack Developer
Peterson Rodrigues dos Santos: Full-Stack MERN Stack Developer
Phu Nguyen: Software Developer
Prabhjot Singh: Fullstack Software Engineer
Priti KothariInformation Technology Enthusiast
Priyanka Singh: Software Developer
Rajasri “RJ” Janaki Raman: React/MongoDB Full-stack Developer
Ramya Ramasamy: Full Stack Developer
Raul Effting: Software Engineer
Rhea Wu: Software Engineer
Roberto Contreras: Software Developer
Ron Magpantay: Software Engineer
Said Rodrigues: Full Stack Developer
SauceLabs.com a “Continuous Software Testing Cloud”Blog
Sav Costabile: Web Developer
Sentry.io – “Open-source Error Tracking”
Shantanu Kumar: Full Stack Software Developer
Shaurya Sareen: Administrative Assistant
Shengjie Mao: Software Engineer
Shengwei Peng: Software Engineer
Shereen Punnassery: Full Stack Software Engineer
Shihao Xiong: Software Engineer
Shiqing Pan: Full-Stack Software Developer
Shivansh Sharma: Software Developer
Shiwani Rajagopalan: Software Engineer
Shrey Jain: Software Engineer
Shuhua Liu: Full-Stack Developer
Shubhankar Mishra: Software Engineer
Shubhra MittalSoftware Delivery Manager
Siddharth Gore: Senior Software Engineer I
Simon Xiong: Programmer
Sowmya Manohar: Software Engineer, Web Developer & Net Application Developer
Sucheta Mukherjee: Software Developer
Summit Kaushal: Backend Software Developer
Sushmitha Prathap: Software Developer
Swathy Jayaseelan: Software Developer
Tapan Pathak: Software Engineer
TEKtalent Inc.: Staffing and Consulting Services
Tengxiao Wang: Software Engineer
Tianyuan Nan: Software Engineer
Tim Kent: Full Stack Software Engineer
Tuan Dinh: Software Engineer
Tyler GonnsenSoftware Architecture Consultant, Website and Web Application Developer
Tzu Ning “Leo” Chueh: Software Engineer
Vansh Patel: Software Engineer
Vera Timokhina: Software Engineer
Vitor Adriel: Software Engineer
Vishala Ramasamy: Software Developer
Vishvesh Sheoran: Artificial Intelligence Specialist
Vy Dao: Software Developer
Wai Lam (Veronica) Cheng: Software Engineer
Wanting Xu: Software Engineer
Weiyao Li: Software Engineer
Wen Zhang: Software Engineer
Wing Ho Li: Software Engineer
Xiao Fei: Software Engineer
Xiao Tan: Software Engineer
Xiao Wang: Software Engineer
Xiaohan Meng: Software Engineer
Xiaoyu Chen: Software Engineer
Yan Xu: Software Development Engineer
Yao Wang: Software Engineer
Yihan Liu: Software Engineer
Yi Lin: Software Engineer
Yiqi Feng: Software Engineer
Yixiao Jiang: Software Engineer
Yiyun Tan: Software Engineer
Yongjian Pan: React.js/MongoDB Full Stack Software Developer
Yubo Sun: Full Stack Software Developer
Yueru Zhao: Software Engineer
Yufei Zhang: Software Engineer
YuFu Liao: Software Engineer
Yuri Clemente Andrade Sokolovicz: Software Engineer and Team Manager
Zijie “Cyril” Yu: Software Engineer
Zubing Guo: Software Engineer
Zuhang Xu: Software Engineer