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Funding Options

One Community, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is seeking the person(s) or organization(s) who would like to be a part of positive and permanent global transformation. Our path to creating this is open source and free-sharing modular solutions that will be combined to build self-sufficient and self-propagating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities all over the world. To take our designs and plans to the next phase that includes demonstration, we are seeking 10 million dollars to secure the property and provide two years working and building capital; capital that will allow us to build the infrastructure necessary to be profitable and expand on our own, indefinitely.

This page outlines:

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A 10 million dollar investment in One Community is purposed to make us self-propagating by funding:

This infrastructure will establish us such that we will never need to request another financial input because we will be able to generate sufficient income to expand indefinitely on our own, eventually funding other communities also. As part of this, everything we are designing now, and build on the property, is being open source and free-shared to make replication by others as easy as possible. This is making the implementation of self-sufficient and self-propagating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities easier, more affordable, and more attractive as a living option for the mainstream public, and as an investment option for those interested in making money while regeneratively helping the planet and other people.

everyone can help change the world, highest good food, highest good energy, highest good society, for The Highest Good of All, One Community, global transformation, open source, free-shared, making a difference, eco-living, eco-transformation, creating The Golden Age, Carl Bard Quote, create the future


There are a diversity of possible benefits available for those interested in investing in One Community as either for-profit and/or non-profit ventures. These include:

  • Extensive positive publicity
  • Tax deductions for donations
  • Financial return for investments
  • Dedication and/or naming components of One Community after you or your organization
  • Being a part of historic global transformation designed to positively affect all life on this planet


What would help One Community the most right now would be the funding to secure the property. You can visit our LOCATION ESSENTIALS PROPERTY PAGE to read about all the work we’ve already invested in this location and the criteria used during the two-year selection process. We feel securing this property is currently the #1 largest step we could take because it will:

  1. Allow us to share essential location details, including property pictures, videos, and more
  2. Allow us to utilize a diversity of marketing contacts and support who are waiting on this
  3. Allow us to launch a detailed and location-specific marketing and crowdfunding campaign
  4. Help us to complete the team (location details are the #1 question we receive from applicants)
  5. Engage the permitting and open source project-launch blueprinting process more efficiently

Donation of the funds to secure the property (3 million) would accelerate our ability to accomplish our goals. Donation of complete funding (10 million) would accelerate this even more. That said, a for-profit investment in One Community and the property (to remove it from the market and hold it until the investment was repaid) is an option we’d be willing to discuss too. In either scenario, we would start marketing the location and raising additional needed funding immediately. We would not move onto the property or begin building until we are debt-free (see below), shovel ready, and have secured the rest of our necessary funding (7 million).

Please Email Jae for an NDA and to set up a time to discuss details if you are someone with the means to make either of these options a reality.


As a for The Highest Good of All organization, when objectively looking at the world, we have come to believe that debt, financial scarcity, and people fearing for their own future are primary reasons more people are not already engaged in world changing projects like ours. One Community is a specific path to addressing this and is committed to debt-free creation both individually (click here to read about it) and as an organization. Therefore we will not move onto the property until we are:

  1. Shovel-ready and able to start building immediately
  2. 100% funded and free of financial obligations

We feel debt-free creation is foundational to all of One Community’s goals for the following 3 reasons:

  1. It supports our purpose to create and share everything without copyrights, patents, or limits of use
  2. It is required if we are to allocate the necessary revenue for completion of our 10-year/7 villages goal
  3. It is a foundational aspect of what we feel is important to demonstrate and simplifying for others

Our 100% volunteer effort will ultimately define, demonstrate, and simplify a clear time and monetary investment path to financial freedom for people around the world. To be in integrity with this goal and assure our success as a Pioneer Team and self-replicating prototype model, we are committed to building One Community without debt. For this reason, donations to our 501(c)3 non-profit organization would most quickly facilitate our global goals. We are also open to other short-term investment options with repayment that can work with our decision to not move onto the property until we are debt free.

everyone can help change the world, highest good food, highest good energy, highest good society, for The Highest Good of All, One Community, global transformation, open source, free-shared, making a difference, eco-living, eco-transformation, creating The Golden Age, Anthony Robbins quote, life is a gift quote


The next step for us is securing funding so that we can take One Community to the next level and accomplish everything outlined in this website. Donations would facilitate the creation of One Community the fastest and we are open to discussing other options as well. Our most immediate need is assistance in securing the property.


Q: How much do you need to secure the property? How much for the complete project?

Three million dollars will secure the property. 10 million will secure the property and fund the first two years of building and establish us as self-sufficient and profitable enough to continue expansion indefinitely. We will not move onto the property or begin building in any way until we have the complete funding for our project.

Q: What percentage of this target have you achieved so far?

One Community’s annual donations don’t meet our annual expenses. Jae Sabol, One Community’s Executive Director, covers the difference and can continue to do so for the next 7-10 years if needed while we continue to see large-scale funding. 

Q: What is the minimum investment you seek?

Right now we have only two priorities, getting the property off the market and progressing to the point where we are ready to start building as soon as we arrive. Because of this, the minimum investment we are seeking from an individual investor or group of investors is $500,000. This would allow us to place the required down payment on the property and would cover over a year of payments for us to start marketing the property details. We would then use this marketing to seek repayment of the loan or to acquire the rest of our needed funding if the initial funding was a donation to our 501(c)3.

Q: What will the relationship of One Community be to funding entities, whether one single investor/donor, or multiple crowdsourced funders?

This is open to discussion as long as the final decision adheres fully to our purpose, mission and values and assures that once any investments are repaid, One Community will continue even if something were to lead to the entire original team and/or investor/donor no longer being involved.

Q: How would the loan to One Community be repaid?

The loan would be repaid through other donors and a crowdfunding campaign we have planned and cannot launch until we have secured the property.

Q: What makes you think you’d have the necessary exposure to make a crowdfunding campaign effective?

We have multiple media connections that have agreed to help us. These media connections, however, have made it clear that being able to market the specific location and property details is essential to legitimizing our project and an effective campaign. Because of this, we are focusing on securing the property as our next step.

Q: Have you talked to the property owner about a partnership and/or a deposit to secure the property?

Yes, partnership and/or a deposit to secure the property are not an option. He has, however, offered seller financing at 10% down, with an interest rate 2% above prime lending adjusting quarterly, and payments amortized over 25 years with no pre-payment penalty.

Q: Have you considered a less expensive property?

Yes, and please see our property page to learn why we have chosen this property.

Q: How are you maintaining momentum as you continue to seek funding?

The One Community team is currently focusing on:

To accomplish these, our top priority is recruiting and training additional Project Managers who can accelerate our building of teams and completion of related action items. This is our top priority because completing the blueprints to launch One Community are essential to:

  • Getting approval of our structures from the county we are purchasing the property in
  • Being ready to start construction
  • Further demonstrating the viability of our project

In our current phase of development, the ideal funder would be an individual or group willing and capable of funding either the complete project, or at least the purchase of the property. Securing that funding will allow us to share the location with the public, which will attract even more of the right people needed for our development team, and help us finish everything needed to launch One Community at an exponentially faster pace.

Both our current desire for a single funder, and our fairly passive approach to finding this person/group, allow us to maintain our focus on the action items that bring our blueprints and team to ‘build-ready’ status. The timeline is still very open, and depends on the number of additional Pioneers and volunteers that join, and how much they contribute. At our current pace it will be more than a year or two before we are build-ready. As we add additional Project Managers, and they build teams to work on our infrastructure blueprints, the timeline speeds up. Once those blueprints are completed, we’ll also be able to make funding a major focus. 

Other than an individual funder or group discovering us and deciding to fund us, other options like grants, actively seeking multiple funders, crowdfunding the whole project, etc. not only require sizable time investments, they also require completion of everything we’re working on now. Additionally, a lot of the food and housing details we’re focusing on, which can be found in our weekly progress blog, are part of a detailed crowdfunding campaign that we are developing for the home designs within the Earthbag Village. We’ll run this crowdfunding campaign to raise awareness about our project, clarify and confirm a lot of our Phase 1 infrastructure details, and test crowdfunding as an option for funding the rest of the project if we aren’t funded by the time it is ready.

Q: What if I want to just make a small donation?

Please visit our Donations and Partnering Page.

Q: What will you do if you don’t get funding?

We will continue as we are, doing everything we can to move ourselves and other like-minded and forward-thinking projects forward through research, development, and open source project-launch blueprinting. Examples of how we are demonstrating this now can be found on our Overview Page. We will continue until we are funded, at which time we will provide exponentially more.