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One Community Pioneer Health Requirements

We are building a teacher/demonstration village from the ground up. Because our purpose is to demonstrate a do-it-yourself approach to building 7 different self-sustainable village models and open source and free-sharing all the details of the building process, how to do it yourself, labor hours involved, etc. etc., the Pioneer Team will be the labor force building all aspects of Phase I of One Community:

We are allocating for each individual 20 hours per week dedicated to the on-going physical labor that building these structures will require. In addition to this, the property is rugged, remote, and above 4,000 feet (1.2 km) of elevation with travel from the initial living quarters to the building sites requiring steep hill climbing until we build stairs and ADA compliant pathways. If you have knee problems, hip problems, chronic back pain, neck injuries, respiratory deficiencies, etc. then the initial Pioneer Team is probably not the place for you. If, however, you are already in above average health and the idea of getting in the best shape of your life excites you, then this project is most definitely for you.


Q: Is everyone expected to do the same amount and type of physical labor?

No, the labor will be organized by the consensus process for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. It doesn’t make sense to have people that are not the most physically capable doing the most physically demanding jobs but everyone needs to possess above average health due to the ruggedness of the land and the diversity of physical jobs that we’ll all be participating in.

Q: How will you address injuries on the property?

The same way anyone who lives about an hour from a hospital does, by being as prepared as possible on-site and ready for the drive to town, or meeting an ambulance halfway, if it becomes necessary.

Q: What if I’m healthy but my spouse or other family member isn’t? 

Everyone on the Pioneer Team needs to be in above-average health. This is due to the amount of physical labor that we will be doing and the minimum level of health necessary just to move around the property.

Q: Have you considered open sourcing/sharing the health effects of this venture on the health of the Pioneer Team?

Yes, with 15 years as a Holistic Health Professional, nutrition consultant, and advocate of organic food, clean air, pure water, and emotional balance, Jae is excited and prepared with a comprehensive plan for charting and sharing the health effects of the build and this new way of life for all Pioneers interested in participating.

Q: What if I want to be a part of world change but I don’t consider myself healthy enough or don’t agree with something on this page?

We’d still love to work with you! Consider joining us as a Satellite Member (click here for the Invitation Form), consultant or partner (click here for the Consultant’s/Partner’s Page), and/or just follow our progress. We expect other communities will follow with different views on these issues and we will happily be promoting their success also if they are part of the open source and free-sharing network of teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities that we are helping to create. Here are the best ways to follow our progress:

Even better, the point of One Community is to build living blueprints open source so everyone can then use them for duplication. If you feel like you’d like to see a different version of One Community, we invite you to embrace the task of working with us and using everything we’ve already created to form another iteration of this idea, with a new set of rules/policies/guidelines, and attract to this idea the people who share your values and thus like your rule sets. In so doing, you’ll be providing another for The Highest Good of All option with a potentially totally different approach.

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