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One Community’s Healthy Living Policy

One Community is a for The Highest Good of All organization purposed to demonstrate the most comprehensively sustainable combination of sustainable building systems and fulfilled living as the open source blueprint for self-sufficient teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities to be built around the world. Because of these goals we are committed to holistically healthy lifestyles and strict adherence to all local and federal laws. This means that along with a commitment to producing our own pesticide, herbicide, and hormone-free food and diverse and emotionally supportive fulfilled lifestyle practices, we will also be maintaining a drug and smoking free environment that includes not purchasing or providing alcohol on the property.



Q: Will medical marijuana be allowed?

No, the state we are building in does not allow medical marijuana use.

Q: Have you considered designated smoking areas as an alternative to your non-smoking policy?

Yes and we are choosing to create a 100% smoke-free Pioneer Team that will then decide through the consensus process if we want these areas on the property, off the property, or at all.

Q: Does this mean you won’t allow alcohol on the property?

No, we just won’t be purchasing or making alcohol. If people want to drink they are welcome to provide their own alcoholic beverages. That said, we are creating a demonstration of holistic health and healthy lifestyles comprised of a Pioneer Team that drinks seldom if at all.

Q: Is your drug, alcohol, and smoking policy influenced at all by religious beliefs?

No, this policy was created after our group realized that we were all in agreement that this approach was, in our collective opinion, for The Highest Good of All in relation to our global goals and world changing vision.

Q: As a blueprint for future communities, do you believe others should have this same policy?

No, we are creating One Community to provide a maximally applicable and adaptable template for self-sufficient teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities to be built around the world in the way that works best for the groups that choose to build them. This is only how we are choosing to create this prototype and we expect an endless diversity of variations on this policy and all other aspects of One Community.

Q: What if I really want to be a part of world change but I don’t agree with this policy?

We’d still love to work with you! Consider joining us as a Satellite Member (click here for the Invitation Form), consultant or partner (click here for the Consultant’s/Partner’s Page), and/or just follow our progress. We expect other communities will follow with different views on these issues and we will happily be promoting their success also if they are part of the open source and free-sharing network of teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities that we are helping to create. Here are the best ways to follow our progress:

Even better, the point of One Community is to build living blueprints open source so everyone can then use them for duplication. If you feel like you’d like to see a different version of One Community, we invite you to embrace the the task of working with us and using everything we’ve already created to form another iteration of this idea, with a new set of rules/policies/guidelines, and attract to this idea the people who share your values and thus like your rule sets. In so doing, providing another for The Highest Good of All option with a potentially totally different approach.

Q: What is your plan, if any, for healthcare?

Insurance will be provided for but we are waiting until we are about to move to make the decision as a group as to exactly what kind of policy(s) we will be purchasing. The number of variable and the associated expenses for insurance are great enough that we feel exploring all available options as a group will allow us to make the most intelligent decision that works for everyone.