Investing in One Community

The Bedrock Investors model was designed before One Community decided to become a non-profit organization. While we are still open to the possibility of a Bedrock Investor, or Investors, our primary focus for funding now is our nonprofit. The reason for this is our non-profit goals of becoming one of the largest providers of sustainability information in the world and the open-source blueprints for a sustainable  civilization. The Bedrock Investor is now called a “Community Investor” and the model is still an option but we do not believe this will allow us to achieve our non-profit goals, our resource based economy goals, or our open-source goals as efficiently as the donation model.

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With the right investor, however, we would still be interested in talking.


Money invested by the investor(s) goes into the One Community Trust which then invests in One Community infrastructure that could include any of the following: he SEGO Center City HubPod 1 and Pod 2, our energy infrastructure, and all food producing structures. The investment is secured by the property and enriched by everything we build until paid-in-full.

Payment of loan is achieved through timeshare sales, 50% of gross tourism revenue from the the SEGO Center and Pods, and 15% of gross revenue of all other businesses created within One Community (see our entrepreneurial model).

Investment is paid a 9% annual return and investors also have the second option (Community Members have 1st option) to purchase any community structures that are offered for sale at 80% of fair market value until the loan is repaid.

Contact us for details and spreadsheets on the financials.