Timeshare options planned for One Community

One Community Timeshares

This page is for people interested in timeshare options with One Community and being added to the list for more information as it becomes available. Pre-sales for timeshares will not be available until the residences being sold are complete enough to clearly share what it will look like, the floor plan, location within the community, etc.

Click here and send us an e-mail if you would like more information as details become available.


The point of One Community is to demonstrate to people a new way of Living, Be-ing, and sharing what we create simply because we can. Because of this, daily living at One Community, and the experience of visiting One Community, will include the following:


Because our infrastructure is self-sustainable, and our labor force is 100% volunteer, our operating costs are significantly lower than a traditional bed and breakfast, timeshares, or hotels and this allows us to price ourselves comparable to local markets while offering significantly more value. Food and all group recreational activities, participating in the community experience, use of the grounds, and childcare would all be included. Additional services like massage, guided tours, one-on-one exercise, art, or music classes, etc. would be offered at an additional charge.

Right now ownership of a week-long timeshare with One Community is expected to be competitively priced at $5,000, with annual dues/cleaning fees of $150 for a family of 2 and an additional surcharge of $30 per person over two when visiting. People not using their timeshares will also be able to submit them to the Overflow Pool and covering their dues and potentially profiting up to $400 if we can rent it for them. End of year events will help make these pools effective and beneficial for everyone.

Details will continue to evolve as One Community evolves. Send us an e-mail if you’d like to be added to the list of people receiving updates on One Community timeshares.