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Laura and John Arnold Foundation

This page is specifically for the Laura and John Arnold Foundation. It has been created because:

  1. We have never seen an organization who’s stated goals so clearly point to what it is we are creating
  2. The Laura and John Arnold Foundation does not take proposals and is currently (based on a phone call to their office) not employing methods that would ever locate us even though they state they want to find organizations just like ours

Our desire is that one of two things will happen as a result of this page: Either someone with the necessary connections/association with the Laura and John Arnold Foundation will bring this page to their attention, or enough people who support the values that the Laura and John Arnold Foundation shares with One Community’s non-profit mission will contact their foundation on our behalf to get their attention. To demonstrate how aligned our two organizations are, this page contains the following sections:





Here is a book giving an overview of the complete Highest Good housing component:

If it’s not working for you, or you’d like a downloadable copy,
click here for the PDF download (128 MB) instead.



The stated Mission, Strategy, and Philosophy of the Laura and John Arnold Foundation (click here for the page on their website) couldn’t be more in alignment with One Community. Our entire team has been excited about it since the day we first read about who and what their foundation is seeking. Interestingly, the areas of focus we see (click here for the page on their website) don’t seem to even scratch the surface of the stated goals. Representing a more comprehensive and complete approach, we share here a detailed comparisons of our two organizations’ near-identical vision and desire for a model of philanthropy capable of transforming the planet permanently and positively for everyone.

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The Laura and John Arnold Foundation’s Mission:
The Laura and John Arnold Foundation “Our core objective is to produce substantial, widespread and lasting reforms that will maximize opportunities and minimize injustice in our society. To do this, we identify challenges and address their root causes through innovative, multi-disciplinary solutions. We aim to foster a culture in which individuals have the best chance to succeed and prosper, while encouraging a sense of responsibility, compassion and reinvestment toward their communities and society as a whole.”
One Community’s Approach to Achieving the Same Thing:
One Community One Community’s objective is to produce positive and permanent global transformation through open source blueprinting a self-replicating solution that addresses all of humanity’s most pressing problems at the same time. We see innovative and multi-disciplinary solutions that simultaneously address these areas as the only way to truly address the root causes of them because they are interdependent. Foundational to our model is fostering a culture for The Highest Good of All that builds a responsible-living foundation that is by definition a model solution that also creates additional solution-creating models.

 These self-replicating solutions help individuals, communities, and society as a whole because they are:

  • Self-sustaining (they don’t need on-going philanthropic support)
  • Individually liberating (they provide personal financial and emotional benefits)
  • Comprehensively ecologically supportive (they address all aspects of life and planetary longevity)
  • Designed to teach surrounding communities and society as a whole how to duplicate them even easier

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The Laura and John Arnold Foundation’s Strategy:
The Laura and John Arnold Foundation Our strategy is to systematically examine areas of society in which underperformance, inefficiency, concentrated power, lack of information, lack of accountability, lack of transparency, lack of balance among interests or other barriers to human progress and achievement exist. We then apply a rigorous and comprehensive entrepreneurial problem-solving approach to these areas, considering all possible strategies, tactics, and resource allocations to effect solutions. Our approach is not limited to what has been tried, or even what has been proposed, in the past. Instead we seek to incentivize and motivate bold new creative thinking and effort, with the goal of igniting a renaissance of new ideas and approaches applied to persistent problems.
One Community’s Strategy:
One Community

Our strategy is to look at all aspects of society that currently aren’t working for individuals and humanity as a whole and to provide a solution that addresses them all simultaneously. Our approach by definition is not just a “fix” or “adaptation,” it is a bold recreation of living in a way that incentivises and motivates groups and individuals to keep developing increasingly comprehensive solutions to persistent problems. Because our entire approach is founded on open source and free-sharing these solutions, it is completely transparent, constantly improving in efficiency through global collaboration and participation, and specifically designed for indefinite accountability to The Highest Good of All people and life on this planet.

Laura and John Arnold Foundation, One Community, for The Highest Good of All, World Change People, a world that works for everyone, global transformation


The following points in blue are each from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation website. Like their mission and strategy, we resonate strongly with all of these tenets and see them as specifically describing our project and approach too. One Community’s comments in purple follow each point illustrating this in detail with links where appropriate to more details.

Laura and John Arnold Foundation Philanthropy should seek transformational change, not incremental change.
One Community One Community is purposed to positively and permanently transform life on this planet for everyone and everything here.
Laura and John Arnold Foundation Philanthropy should be entrepreneurial, not institutional or bureaucratic.
One Community One Community is purposed to teach people how to create a new life for themselves in a way that also serves other people and the planet.
Laura and John Arnold Foundation Philanthropy should think big, take risks and be aggressive and highly goal-oriented.
One Community One Community’s 6-month and 5-year development goals are specific, detailed on this website, and will permanently establish us as a leader of global transformation.
Laura and John Arnold Foundation Philanthropists should seek to create significant change within their own lifetimes and exhaust most or all their financial corpus in pursuit of their goals.
One Community One Community’s model teaches individuals and groups how to establish themselves to permanently live and create for The Highest Good of All. Our model also demonstrates this as specifically fulfilling individual needs better than most current living models.
Laura and John Arnold Foundation Philanthropists should collaborate with each other to ensure a thorough and systemic approach to problem-solving, not herd toward the same popular or favored beneficiaries.
One Community One Community’s model is an open source and globally collaborative model purposed to develop increasingly more comprehensive solutions that do not need beneficiaries because they are privately funded for the specific rewards and benefits they provide individuals.

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Laura and John Arnold Foundation Philanthropy should be strategic, not tactical, piecemeal or episodic.
One Community One Community’s 4-phase strategy is detailed, provided global benefits in less than a year, and is purposed for indefinite evolution and contribution.
Laura and John Arnold Foundation Philanthropy should seek to solve problems and better lives and institutions, not just study or illuminate problems.
One Community One Community is 100% focused on solutions. These solutions will also help to illuminate the areas needing more attention while also increasing mainstream involvement in the research and development of more affordable, efficient, and comprehensive solutions.
Laura and John Arnold Foundation Philanthropy should use proactive and innovative approaches that have a measurable impact on specific communities and individuals with the greatest needs.
One Community One Community’s non-profit approach addresses all demographics, in all countries, providing specific benefit for private investment in bringing the resources and solutions to the communities and individuals who need it most.
Laura and John Arnold Foundation Philanthropists should seek to educate other successful but currently non-philanthropic people and organizations as to effective methods of philanthropy.
One Community One Community’s purpose is to build a model solution that specifically helps the mainstream-public to create additional solution-creating models. By developing and free-sharing duplicable solutions, making it easy, and making it individually rewarding and attractive, we are here to start a self-replicating process that will predictably lead to exponential and global growth of our philanthropic approach.
Laura and John Arnold Foundation Philanthropists should take an active role in their own projects, and not be primarily staff or consultant driven.
One Community One Community’s approach is 100% hands-on and teaches others how to be hands-on too. Our philanthropic approach is to teach people how to establish teacher/demonstration models around the world. These models are where they live their entire life and everything they do is part of contributing to the greater good.


If everything stated on the Laura and John Arnold Foundation website is true, they are looking for us and anyone can help them find us simply by clicking here to send them an email. You can also email or contact them through their website here: Tell them who you are and who we are and why you feel they should take a look at our project. Share this page and/or any others that you think are most appropriate. There is a world-changing partnership waiting to happen here and every email makes a difference. And most importantly, thank you!


One Community has never seen an organization who so clearly and specifically states that they are seeking what we are creating. In a world where so many are trying to sell what they do to create less than true win-win situations, it is exciting for us to have identified a foundation with a mission, strategy, and principles directly aligned with our own. We see this as the ultimate win-win-win (LJAF & OC & Humanity) if we can get the serious attention of Laura and John themselves. According to their office, they are not accepting proposals, so we are reaching out through this page, emailing on-going updates, and a requesting anyone who would like to help us to send them a personal message from you on ours behalf (click here to do this).

Partnerships and stories like this one are the kind that change the world and make history. They happen all the time. Thank you for any part you can play in making this one a reality.


Q: How does a potential funder get in contact with you?

Please email our Executive Director (Jae) at [email protected].

Q: What is it that distinguishes your non-profit from all other non-profit organizations? Why should someone invest in you and not someone else?

There are three distinguishing factors that make the One Community non-profit different from other non-profit organizations:

  1. We specifically operate for The Highest Good of All and we give away everything we create
  2. Once we’ve achieve our initial funding goals, we will never require an additional donation
  3. We are purposed to become self-replicating, so funding us once creates exponential growth

Q: Have you contacted the Laura and John Arnold Foundation directly?

Yes, we have called them and we also email them our weekly progress updates. Their office says they “are not accepting any proposals and they have specific people purposed to find the projects they are choosing to support through policy-level organizations.” The only response we have ever gotten through emailing them is a form letter.

Q: Why are you making so much effort to contact the Laura and John Arnold Foundation?

We are focused on their organization because our project specifically fits their stated Mission, Strategy, and all 10 of their philosophy of philanthropy points.

Q: Have you consistently contacted and/or created a page like this for any other organization?

No, we are only doing this for the Laura and John Arnold Foundation because we see a 100% win-win relationship between our non-profit and their foundation that is specifically describing seeking an organization like ours with global goals and a clear path to achieving them.

Q: Are  you currently seeking funding from other sources also?

Yes, our non-profit organization is accepting donations and follows up on every lead we get for possible sources of major funding.