New One Community Eco-laundry Partner: Western State Design

Western State Design, One Community partner

One Community is excited to announce our partnership with Western State Design! We had an opportunity to tour their distribution center in Los Angeles and their commitment to sustainability, durability, and really assessing for themselves what works versus what doesn’t is impressive.

Here’s Western State Design’s Bio from our Partner’s Page:

Passion, innovation, and a dedication to excellence are the hallmarks of Western State Design. Since 1974, WSD has had an unwavering commitment to both existing and new customers, and, with its total solution approach, it has become one of the world’s largest companies in the laundry industry. WSD shares One Community’s commitment to sustainability and to saving resources and helping laundry owners use the most effective and efficient machines. WSD has designed One Community’s laundry facility for the SEGO Center duplicable city hub purposed to service over 300 people. As One Community partners they have the necessary global distribution and willingness to helping us to the best of their ability to open source complete installation and maintenance for this laundry system so that together we can help others around the world to implement the same energy efficient and effective system.

Thank you Western State Design for your commitment to excellence and your willingness to help One Community in our global sustainability mission.



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