One Community Welcomes Renetta (Rene) Aprahamian to the Pioneer Team!

One Community Pioneer, Rene Allen, world change people, people making a difference, world changers, blogger, writerBlogger, Website Designer, Filmmaker/Film Extra, and Jane of All Trades: Rene has an AA in Marketing with a Minor in Business specializing in the apparel industry. She has over 15 years of experience as a website designer and blogger maintaining eight different blogs. As a Jane of All Trades, Rene’s 30-year work history includes a diversity of customer service positions including Library Circulation Assistant, Personnel Secretary, Retail Manager, Cosmetologist, Schematics Designer, Filmmaker, Video Editor and Author. Blogging, website design, Home School Teacher, and persistent online student of various topics including Computer Programming and French have been in addition to this. As a contract employee, Rene has a lifetime of experience learning new tasks and excelling in diverse work positions. She’s never been one to do the minimum amount of work and has enjoyed her broad list of employment opportunities with high rewards and rarely a day off between her multitude of assignments.

For complete details visit Rene’s One Community Pioneer Bio Page.


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