One Community Welcomes 3 New Consultants to the Team!

One Community is happy to welcome 3 new consultants to the team with 3 very different skill sets. Dave Walen is now helping us with the Straw Bale Village designs, Rob Gjerde is now helping us with the SEGO Center natural pool and eco-hot tub designs, and Ryan Berretta is helping us with custom audio tracks for some of the time-lapse videos we are creating.

Dave Walen, straw bale village, One Community partner, One Community consultant, forward thinker, visionary, David Philip Walen Designs, AnamoglamDave Walen – Architectural Drafter and Designer: Dave Walen is the owner operator of Dave Philip Walen Design. He has over a decade of hands on experience working with licensed architects, engineers, and contractors for both residential and commercial spaces, both interior and exterior. Designing and illustrating as his greatest passion, Dave also co-operates Anamoglam with his wife where they offer graphics design, web, and drafting services. He has traveled the world and found additional architectural and cultural creative inspiration in Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Sweden, Germany, Haiti, and the Bahamas. He grew up flying with his Dad (getting to experience Zero G!) in the South East of the USA. Now Dave and his wife live and offer their services in the Tryon, NC region. As a One Community partner Dave is converting the Straw Bale Village designs to CAD and helping evolve these designs into detailed building plans.

Rob Gjerde, pool expert, Sorico Design and Consulting, Better Homes and Gardens, Earth Day Global, forward thinker, solution based thinking, world changerRob Gjerde – Entrepreneur, Promotor, and Swimming Pool and Construction Expert: Rob is the owner and operator of Sorico Design and Consulting and the founder of Earth Day Global. He has over twenty-five years of small business management and music industry experience including an employee team as large as 40 and subcontracting with hundreds. Robs innovative designs and sound business practices have led him to speaking engagements and features in Better Homes & Gardens, a leading US Magazine. As a One Community partner, and sharing our sustainability goals with a desire to educate people how to use our natural resources in a more responsible respectable and economic manner, Rob is helping with the design and construction of the SEGO Center open source natural pool and eco-hot tub designs.

Ryan Berretta, One Community partner, music master, composer, musicianRyan Nicholas Berretta – Producer, Composer, Musician & Remixer: Ryan Berretta developed a passion for music at a very young age. Reaching for the keys of his grandmother’s organ before he could walk, he received his first piano at the age of 3. Starting out as a self-taught artist, and performing by ear, his foundation is rooted in such classical masters as Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, & Tchaikovsky. By the age of 12 he had developed a keen interest in every instrument he could spend time with. From here, he began documenting his ideas involving various new instrumental ensembles and arrangements. At the age of 16, invited by his older brother Alex, he was brought into a recording studio for the first time to write a piano piece onto the label’s upcoming record release. From that point forward, Ryan was inspired to teach himself audio production, sound design & Foley recording. As Ryan traveled the world and experienced music and culture in over 50 countries, his music began to evolve. This brought more diversity and dynamics to his original productions combining Electronic, Experimental & Classical music. As a One Community partner Ryan is applying his musical talent to the audio tracks of One Community’s time-lapse videos related to our open source tools, tutorials, and resources. To check out more of Ryan’s work, visit or his facebook music page.





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