Rebuilding the World – One Community Weekly Progress Update #26

rebuilding the world, making a difference, transforming our planet, a world that works for everyone, sustainable living, global sustainability, addressing planetary need, for The Highest Good of All, open source future, eco-living, One CommunityOne Community is designing and open source free-sharing plans capable of rebuilding the world in a way that works and supports everyone. To accomplish this we are creating what is necessary to create self-replicating sustainable teacher/demonstration hubs that build, teach, and comprehensively address the foundations and interconnectedness of food, energy, housing, education, social injustice and inequality, and more. They also provide a more fulfilling lifestyle that is foundational to helping this model spread globally. This is our weekly progress update (#26) covering One Community’s progress and accomplishments for the week of August 19, 2013.


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Rebuilding the World
One Community Weekly Progress Update #26

Here is the bullet-point list of this last week’s design and progress discussed in detail in the video above:

  • Tropical Atrium Plants are done and on the site! (@7:10 w/happy dance)
  • Zenapini 1 and  Zenapini 2 plant lists are up on the site (@10:00)
  • All purchasing research is done – will be adding to the website this week or next (@12:20)
  • Hoop Houses info is done – will be adding to the website this week (@14:30)
  • Apiary – bee details are done – will be adding to the website this week or next (@15:45)
  • Rabbit purchase and production details are done – will be adding to the website this week (@16:10)
  • SEGO Center 1st and 2nd floor walls are done in 3D and trimmed (@17:50)
  • Earthbag Village Materials are done – will be adding to the website this week (@19:40)
  • Straw bale village is going into CAD and the open source portal page has also been updated (@20:35)
  • Education for Life research on A New Earth is done – now refining the results of this research (@27:15)
  • 3 new Partners: Dave WalenRob Gjerde, and Ryan Berretta (@5:15)
  • 3 media mentions (@6:05)
  • Nonprofit page redesigned, simplified, and updated (@30:22)

All plants are now done on the Tropical Atrium Planting and Harvesting Page! Here’s just one example from the 59 plants that are now complete on that page:

#15T :: Mentha x piperita (Variegated Peppermint)

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Mentha x piperita is a fragrant plant that flowers purple and grows 4-6″ tall. It is used in containers, rock gardens, as a border, ground cover, and in mass plantings. Variegated peppermint is drought tolerant and resistant to deer, mice, and insects. It is used medicinally in treating indigestion, colds, and morning sickness. It is highly flavorful and used in teas, candies, desserts, and savory dishes.


This plant will be used as a filler plant throughout the TA, both on the fingers and the floor of the North 180. Its exact location will be determined near the end of the planting schedule. Its low growing habit, ability to attract bees and butterflies, and strong fragrance are the primary reasons for its inclusion.

  • Thrives in dry to moist, average soil
  • Tolerates full sunlight and partial shade
  • Handling plant may cause skin irritation or allergic reaction
  • Great companion for cabbages and tomatoes, helping to keep them free of insect pests
  • Extremely vigorous rhizomes, consider root containment via barriers to prevent invasive nature

We will receive this as a rooted cutting. Root division from existing plant stock, suckers, or cuttings is the recommended method of propagation, best done in the fall. Mint is an extremely easy plant to grow and is nearly indestructible. To reduce its invasive potential, plant it into pots that can be submersed in the ground. After first watering the plant, break up the roots if it is rootbound. Place the plant in a ceramic pot of good organic soil mix, if possible, as this allows the plant to wick moisture from the surrounding soil. Using a plastic pot eliminates this potential and the plant within the pot will dry out sooner, but if holes are drilled in the plastic pot it will allow some seepage and wicking of moisture to the plant. After transplanting, again water the plant well. Most gardeners, due to the vigorous growth of the mint root system will gladly share their mint plants with you as they are usually glad to give away what they don’t need. Simply break off small root clusters and transplant into pots or directly into the ground. Herbaceous cuttings are also easily rooted in water, then planted as described above or if planted in an open garden, space plants 12” apart, in rows 2’ apart. With all the mints the spacing is not critical, the further apart you plant the more time it takes to fill in; while closer plantings fill in sooner. To harvest, cut individual leaves any time, once the plants have become established. To dry, spread leaves on a well-ventilated screen in a dry location out of direct sunlight. Store in airtight containers to preserve freshness.


Wikipedia – Peppermint


This week we finished the 1st and 2nd floor walls of The SEGO Center Duplicable City Hub in 3D including the time consuming and tedious task of trimming the pieces that ended up external to the actual structure.

SEGO Center City Hub, Duplicable City Center, open source recreation center, eco-living, sustainable housing, efficient living

SEGO Center with 2nd Floor Living Dome Details In Progress – Click to Enlarge


Dave Walen (Architectural Drafter & Designer and owner of Dave Philip Walen Design) is now putting the straw bale village into CAD. This village model is designed to demonstrate affordable, sustainable housing that can be modularly expanded with maximum ease. The straw bale construction method and torus design with centrally located bathrooms were chosen for this reason. As with Pod 1, the goal of Pod 2 is also maximum space and resource efficiency combined with artistic elements through semi-subterranean design, shared common spaces designed for specific common uses, water catchment off all structures, and more. Here is Dave’s progress from last week as he is putting this village model into CAD:

straw bale village, straw bale construction, strawbale housing, eco straw homes, straw bale living, One Community Pod 2, One Community global, sustainably expandable,

One Community Straw Bale Construction Village (Pod 2) Evolving in CAD – Click to Visit the Details Page


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