One Community Welcomes Adolpho Maia to the Mechanical Engineering Team

One Community welcomes Adolpho Maia to the Mechanical Engineering Team as our newest member of Team Brazil!

Adolpho Maia – 5th-year Mechanical Engineering Student

5th-year Mechanical Engineering Student: Adolpho is in a Brazilian exchange program called Science Without Borders, where he came to the USA to learn new technologies, gain experience, become fluent speaking English, and explore and learn about a different culture. He is currently living in California and studying mechanical engineering at California State University Long Beach. He has one year of experience working in a school furniture factory as a mechanical engineering intern, a production inspector, and as a machine programmer. Adolpho has finished an entrepreneurship course and is also a member of Theta Chi Fraternity where he learned how to work as a group and how group dynamics work when there are a lot of people working on the same thing. Adolpho is currently fluent in English, has listening and comprehension skills in Spanish, and is a beginner in Italian. He believes that sustainability and wanting to change the world is something that starts within ourselves; first of all with the desire to do something, and then putting time and effort into it – and what could possibly be better than using what our planet gives to us, without destroying it. Adolpho’s focus as a member of the One Community team is on design and structural analysis for the vermiculture toilet designs.


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