One Community Welcomes Eric Puro and to the Design Team!

One Community is happy to welcome Eric Puro to our design team and as our newest partner organization!

Eric Puro, sustainable builder, sustainable building, eco building, One Community consultant, difference maker, creating a new world, creating a sustainable planet, open source futureEric Puro – Sustainable Builder and Sustainable Materials Consultant: Eric has 3 years of experience as a sustainable builder committed to do whatever it takes to help people transition into a more sustainable life. Inspired by nature each day, Eric seeks to find more ways to incorporate this nature and this inspiration into our everyday lives. He has built an earthship in Oregon, taught cob classes over England and Portugal, built one of the most sustainable structures in Europe in Portugal (which included rammed earth walls, a thatched roof, an earthen floor, and pine tar coated ropes, built low-impact indigenous style structures in the UK, and a rocket mass heater in London. Besides building, Eric is also the co-founder of, a website that connects people who desire to learn about and build sustainable structures with projects seeking their help. For Eric there are never any problems, only solutions. Eric´s contribution to the One Community project is to provide fully sustainable building research and advanced eco-development consulting for all components of the 7 One Community village models., ThePOOSH, world change organization, – is a unique hospitality site designed for virtually anyone, anywhere in the world, wishing to participate in or start their own sustainable self-build project. A growing community of people who desire to learn about and build more sustainable structures on this planet, it is a place to find resources about sustainable building and projects all around the world seeking assistance. For project organizers, is a way to find like-minded people with enthusiasm, knowledge, and skill. For people interested in participating, volunteering, and learning about sustainable building and living, it is an opportunity to go learn sustainable building skills at a project and become part of a community, a community that is constructive and building the movement.






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