One Community Welcomes Flávia Bozeda to the Architecture Team

One Community welcomes Flávia Galimberte Bozeda to the Architecture Team as our newest member of Team Brazil!

Flávia Galimberte Bozeda - 5th-year Architecture and Interior Design Student

5th-year Architecture and Interior Design Student: Flávia believes that architecture is not just to create functional and aesthetically attractive spaces and buildings, but also to give users positive sensations and feelings, which create memories. With a background working with interior design for two years, she discovered her passion for colors, materials and furniture. For Flávia, interior design is an important link for architecture and the user, making architecture more human. Although she has a high knowledge with softwares like AutoCAD, Revit, 3DsMax, SketchUp and Rhino, Flávia prefers to be surrounded by markers, pens and colored pencils. From a big metropolis in Brazil, her interest in sustainable design emerged by noticing how people waste material and she wishes to recreate the relationship between man and the environment. As a member of the One Community design team, Flávia is working on the interior design and layout specifics of village models 2-7.


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