One Community Welcomes Jorge Ricardo Jr to the Engineering Team

One Community welcomes Jorge Ricardo Jr to the Engineering Team as our newest member of Team Brazil!

Jorge Antonio Ricardo Junior – 5th-year Mechanical Engineering Student and Mechanical Engineering Team Lead

5th-year Mechanical Engineering Student and Mechanical Engineering Team Lead: Jorge is a Mechanical Engineering Student at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He graduated as a Communication and Design Technician in high school at the Institute of Technology ORT (Organization, Reconstruction and Work). During College, Jorge took part in three years as Aerodynamics, Construction and SolidWorks Master chief in the Minerva Aerodesign project where he calculated all the requirements to build a DRONE that carries the biggest payload possible. He is fluent in three languages (native Portuguese, fluent English and fluent Spanish) and has good skills in leadership, teamwork and project management. Jorge is always searching for new projects that can add to his professional career, and it was this mindset that lead him to build his own 3D Printer at home. He has knowledge of essential modeling and calculation software like SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Matlab and Mathematica and has also worked with computer languages such as Python and Pascal. As an engineer, Jorge believes that plans and projects must be created with consideration for future generations. He also feels strongly that a sustainable mindset is the key to the continuous use of our environment. As a member of the One Community Intern Team, Jorge is working on modeling, structural calculations and mechanical design details for the Earthbag Village structures.


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