One Community Welcomes Sheng Xu to the Design Team!

One Community welcomes Sheng Xu to the Design Team!

Sheng Xu - Mechanical Design EngineerSheng Xu – Mechanical Design Engineer: Following in the footsteps of his grandfather and his father, Sheng is the third mechanical engineer in his family. He received his bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing in Sichuan University, China and is now a graduate student at the University of Southern California, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. His graduate study focused on CFD and FEA simulation and he realized that further learning engineering analysis could improve his mechanical design skill as well. Now, after 6 years deeply studying mechanical engineering, Sheng is skilled in 3D modeling (SolidWorks) and FEA analysis software (CosmosWorks, Abquas) and happy to say that the skills he has learned are diversely applicable because, “mechanical engineering is everywhere in our daily life. This is the most fantastic part of mechanical engineering and also the starting of world change.” As a One Community partner and consultant, Sheng is helping with 3-D modeling and structural evaluation of the different structures of the Earthbag Village and upcoming crowdfunding campaign dome designs.


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