Renewable Energy or Alternative Energy: A Look at the Possibility of Vortex Energy Technologies

There are a broad diversity of people claiming to have created the next generation of renewable green energy and One Community, like many people and organizations, is skeptical and cautious when engaging this subject. The fact remains, however, that just one significant breakthrough in new renewable energy or alternative energy technology has the possibility to transform life for all people on this planet and we consider this very much for The Highest Good of All. With this in mind we took a serious look at 1Stop Energies and their Vortex Energy Coil Technology, put skepticism aside, and chose to partner with them (click here for their Partnership Bio) for four primary reasons:

  • They free-share detailed instructions for duplication of their coil
  • They use a broad diversity of videos and approaches to demonstrate the validity of their technology
  • They want to come to the property and work with us on a live demonstration when we are ready
  • Daniel is beautifully authentic to talk to and exhibits a clear desire to make a difference in the world

Already having plans for traditional energy infrastructure to completely power Phase I of our build, we are excited to work with 1Stop Energies to bring their Vortex Coil Technology to One Community’s building of Pod 2 so we can explore together and specifically measure and document how their technology can increase efficiency through integration with a large-scale solar panel and battery bank array like ours.


For the do-it-yourselfers, here is how to make a Unification Coil so you can test the vortex energy field and this technology for yourself:


unification coil, 1stop energies, new energy technology, renewable energy, alternative energyFounded by Erica & Daniel Nunez, 1Stop Energies and The Vortex Coil Technology was “started as a simple sustainable nightlight project” researching energy efficient motor/generators based on open source information attainable through internet searches. What it turned into was a drive and passion for changing the way electricity is generated and utilized currently in the world.

Erica and Daniel became interested in sacred geometry and the concept of solid-state energy production after viewing the complexity of previously constructed magnet generators; which seemed to use too many parts for practical at-home development. This led to the exploration of Vortex Based Mathematics and the works of Marko Rodin, which were refined by Randy Powell; where the concept is presented that repeating number patterns create toroidal space. These understandings were also uncovered by a number of influential people including Dan Winters, Nassim Haramein, Nikola Tesla, CERN Physics Researchers, and many others working in the field of platonic solids. By intuitively redesigning the Vortex Coil geometry and framework, Erica and Daniel were eventually able to control and ensure geometric precision in toroidal space. Establishing this foundation and a new level of precision, they began testing different wiring algorithms and creating custom circuitry to understand, replicate, and further demonstrate their findings and applications for both on and off-grid uses. Now with 4 years or research and development, they invest the majority of their time exploring and replicating their results; exploring large and small scale uses, and posting their findings to the internet community in an attempt to raise awareness and peak interest into the possibilities of this technology.


Renewable Energy or Alternative Energy: Another Approach

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The result of the Vortex Coil they created, and demonstrate repeatedly in their videos, is a greater output of energy than the input once tuned to the correct frequencies. There explanation of this is the unique design of the Vortex Coil that allows energy to be focused in the condensed center-most point, which allows the amplification of electrical performance in a highly efficient manner. Because of that, Daniel and Erika see the possibility of a future where any and all coils on the market could potentially be replaced by a vortex coil once further research and development is complete.

Right now the primary application of the Vortex Coils is to light and sustain LED or Fluorescent bulbs for weeks at a time while requiring a significantly reduced energy input.

Vortex Based Mathematics

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The explanation for how the vortex coil works is based on Vortex Based Mathematics used to describe universal ‘natural pathways’ or ‘flow paths’ existing in the physical 3D space we all inhabit. Mimicking these pathways reduces resistance in a way that is currently best described by entering into the (considered by most as more esoteric) fields of universal harmonics, implosion physics, sacred geometry, and number sequencing.  Because these things are less understood and accepted by mainstream science, Daniel and Erika are the first to agree that continued alternative energy research and development of this technology is needed. This is what they are doing, supporting by open sourcing and free-sharing how to duplicate what they have created thus far, and what they see as the necessary road to global integration of this technology as one very viable path into a sustainable way of living.

Daniel Talking About Creating this Technology

The 1Stop Energies Overview Video


Vortex Energy Coil Demonstrations

Vortex Tech: POE Pulser

Vortex Technologies: Plasma Propulsion

 458% Overunity (energy output vs input) Plus 20ft Magnetic Field


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