The One Community Monthly Review Format

We love to give each other feedback and this page is about our performance management template for conducting the monthly performance management review that we use to evolve both individually and as a group. There are three primary team building objectives for this template and the monthly performance reviews we conduct:

  1. Participants give each other feedback regarding One Community performance/experience
  2. Participants give feedback regarding each other’s performance
  3. Co-creation of a strategy for improvement of both #1 and #2






  • People up for review are announced via email
  • A 2-person review usually takes 30-60 minutes.
  • Anyone can state they’d like to facilitate the review of anyone else
  • The person up for review can also ask for a review from a specific person
  • Reviews are conducted using the performance management template below
  • The foundational purpose of reviews is collaborative growth through two-directional feedback
  • Everyone at One Community has one of these 2-directional performance reviews every 30 days



Performance reviews are conducted with the same opening and closing format as Monday Night Calls. Here is the format and questions for the review:

  1. Centering and releasing of anything needed “into the Light”
  2. Other than the fact that we’re not on the property yet, on a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your overall experience with One Community for the last month?
  3. What is your favorite part of One Community for the last month?
  4. Where do you see us being able to improve and what actions would you suggest for improvement?
  5. How has your experience of me been for the last month? How can I improve?
    • Use feedback format to discuss each other’s contribution to forward community movement
    • Use feedback format to discuss each other’s participation in the community experience as a whole
  6. Are you satisfied and comfortable with your current level of connection with everyone on the team? If no, what do you believe could improve this? (feedback or connection needed?)
  7. Set and share personal improvement and community goals for the next month. If it is helpful when setting these goals, record them on the team Weekly Action Item page for all people’s names associated with those goals so they can be taken action on. These goals should include action items for any areas of possible improvement, improved communication, improved connection, or energetic clearing of any kind identified as beneficial in 1-6 above.
  8. “Consciously Close” by checking in that everyone is “complete” and pausing for 60 seconds of silence to make sure there isn’t anything else that needs to be discussed. If anything needs to be discussed, return to whatever step in the process above is necessary and continue forward from there to this final step again.
  9. Go to the Review Partnering Form and check off that you’ve both completed your review.

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Q: What is the purpose of the “releasing into the Light” section?

Releasing anything “into the Light” is a technique learned in our consensus trainings. Its purpose is to give anyone who wants it a forum to state whatever is on their mind in a public space without the need or expectation of a response. This could be a quick personal announcement, something personal they are going through, something they want everyone else to know, etc. In speaking whatever it is that people wish to say, the intent is that it is acknowledged (silently) by the team and “released” by the individual so that everyone can then be more present and focused on the call itself.

Q: Why are the reviews monthly?

The reviews are monthly to maintain our high level of effectiveness and to give people a monthly opportunity to connect and speak with anyone on the team that they might not otherwise have the chance to interact with individually.

Q: How many people can there be in these reviews?

The most personal and efficient reviews are usually just two people. There have been times when we’ve done 3 or even 4 though.

Q: Does every participant answer all the questions, even the facilitator?

Everyone answers all the questions and there isn’t a designated facilitator. At the beginning of the reviews, participants choose odd or even to ask the questions. Whoever asks the question has the other person answer it first.  When that person is done answering the question they say, “I’m complete,” and then ask the other person the same question. This alternates who is the Asker and Answerer. If only one person has computer access to read the questions, that person will ask all the questions but we’ll still choose odd or even so we can alternate who answers them first. The same usually goes for reviews of 3 or more people, one person asks all the questions but we rotate the order of who answers them first so it is fair.


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