Sara Sabol

Sara Sabol

Sara Love Sabol, Sara Sabol, One Community Pioneer, Hospitality Manager, Human Resources Facilitator, Massage Therapist, Blog BabeHuman Resources Manager, BA Organizational Communication Studies, Amateur Web Designer and Video Editor, and Licensed Massage Therapist: Sara received her BA in Organizational Communication Studies from Winona State University in 1997, has been a member of One Community since its formal inception in 2010, and manages the Human Resources component of the project. As an amateur web designer and video editor, Sara has also managed the production, creation, and organization of the content for the weekly updates blog since 2014. Additionally, she has been a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist since 2005, the year she received her Massage degree from Myotherapy College of Utah. Sara has a passion for self-growth, a love of animals and nature, practices yoga almost daily, and brings her warmth, love and support to any task she undertakes.


October 2010 – Present

Sara has been a One Community Pioneer since the project formally launched in October of 2010. She has managed the Human Resources aspect of the project since 2011. She has managed and contributed to the video and web design of the weekly updates blog since 2014.


  • Manages initial communications, screening, and interviewing of new Member applicants
  • Has actively managed team volunteer hours and accountability details since 2011
  • Has been one of the Weekly Team Call Facilitators since 2011
  • Organization and creation of the majority of the weekly updates written-blog images
  • Organization and creation of all of the weekly updates video-blog audio and graphics
  • Management, coordination, assembly, and editing to complete each weekly update


July 2005 – Present

Uninspired by her career choice and options, Sara left the field of Organizational Communication Studies in her second year and began a search for a new career that eventually led her to enrolling in the Myotherapy College of Utah, earning her massage degree in 2005. Sara then opened her own practice and also expanded her experience with a year of part-time work at a spa. When Sara moved to California, she rebuilt her practice and also worked part time at a health and fitness facility. She is Board Certified by the National Certification Board, offers a combination of Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Swedish, and Shiatsu, and has additional professional training in Reiki, Crystalline Harmonics, and Life Coaching to help people function and feel better.


  • 2015 – Present: Built and manages own practice in San Gabriel, CA
  • 2009 – 2015: Built and managed own practice in Hermosa Beach, CA
  • 2009 – 2015: Massage Therapist at Beach Cities Health District
  • 2007-2009: Massage Therapist at Salon Danté Spa
  • 2005-2009: Built and managed own practice in Salt Lake City, UT


March 1997 – Present

Sara received her BA in Organization Communication Studies in 1997, moved from Minnesota to Salt Lake City, Utah, and entered the field of mutual funds trading. Working within this field turned out to be uninspiring and leading only to more career choices Sara didn’t desire. Upon realizing this, she left the field and began a search for a new and more rewarding career choice. This led to 4+ years of Landmark Education courses starting in 2002. Sara’s BA in Organizational Communication Studies combined with learning through these courses to appreciate the ultimate responsibility each individual has for every aspect of their life, and what they are creating in the world, has given Sara a unique skill set for helping support and facilitate people’s organizational process, creativity, and effectiveness. She has applied these skills along with a passion for self-growth, willingness to help wherever needed, enjoyment of hard work, and admirable dedication to accountability and responsibility across a broad diversity of intentional community events and organizational projects. A natural helper, healer, and facilitator, Sara has consistently found herself in the primary assistant role of almost anything she participates in and she brings this experience and energy to the One Community Non-profit Organization and Global Change Initiative.

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My journey towards One Community started when I took 4 years of transformational courses through Landmark Education. Taking the first of these courses, called the Landmark Forum, helped me transition from having the belief that I was a victim of life happening to me, to the self-empowered knowledge that I am the creator of my life and all my experiences. When I began these courses, I’d been out of college for about three years, stuck in a verbally abusive relationship, and searching for a direction. The moment these courses helped me realized and fully understand that I am the person responsible for all aspects of my life, and capable of changing all aspects of my life, I made the decision to do so. This led to the end of the unhealthy relationship, a completely new set of friends, and an entirely new focus for my life.

With new friends and my new and empowered focus, I began to have my first experiences of community. My relationships became more meaningful and so did my choice of activities. For the first time in my life I found myself within a group where I felt I could be myself, where I felt I truly belonged, and where I saw everyone else being themselves and feeling the feelings of true belonging too.

Our group held many gatherings and get togethers, and we even hosted events for others. One of the annual events we hosted ended up leading me to get my massage degree and become a Massage Therapist.  This annual event was a festival theme camp I had the pleasure of being a part of for 6 years. This camp was called the Lumerian Tribe (later changed to Ascension Tribe) and it was hosted at a festival with tens of thousands of attendees each year. I helped with assisting and facilitating the unique and popular transformational events and classes we offered. These usually focused on growth and development in the areas of spiritual awareness, self-discovery, oneness, and appreciation for all which honors what I have come to see as “the Divine in all that Is”. People would come back year after year and tell us how transformational these classes were for them.

It was during my second year helping host and facilitate these events that I found my calling as a healer. During that year’s camp, one of the events we were offering was a “God/Goddess Ceremony” where guests were pampered with group massage while they were relaxing in the “King/Queen chair.” The response to this experience, and the clear benefit I saw people receiving from simple loving touch, and the environment of giving that we were creating, had people lining up around the corner and returning year after year. The first year we offered this was when I realized my desire to do massage and began the career of healing that I have had ever since and am so grateful for. 

What was even more profound for me about our community and providing and being a part of these loving and accepting environments was how it made me feel. In sharing, giving, gifting, helping, and allowing others to be themselves, and feeling their acceptance of me too, I found my ability to access my True Self, my Inner Goddess, and began to embody leadership and self love in a way that I’d never experienced before. In these environments I experienced the true beauty of diversity and freedom, the magic and flow of synchronicity, and an Aliveness and Personal Power that I previously didn’t even know existed!

These were the times I felt most vibrant and happy and I would wait with excitement and anticipation for each new one we planned. Then it began to occur to me that it would be amazing if I could create this feeling and experience all year round. I began to realize and become clearer and clearer that the life I wanted to live was one of close communal living, cooperating, collaborating, growing, working, and playing together in a gifting and sharing resource based economy.  

That’s when I met Jae and learned he had been thinking the same thing and planning for it for almost 15 years. At this point he was over a year into a property search and I thought, “of course!” Naturally, my next step towards creating this was to find a man who valued opennesshonestycommunicationpersonal growth, and community as much as me! Within months of knowing each other, we were focusing and working together on what was necessary to build our dream community where we could experience the most profound parts of this community all year round; giving and giftingsharing and creatingnon-judgementcooperation, creativity, self-expression, personal power, and absolute joy.

We had our Life Partnership ceremony on 10/10/10, less than two years after we met, and the next day we looked at the property that ended a two-year search. From this point forward One Community became our full-time endeavor. Now, years into this journey, we are closer than ever before and I reflect with huge gratitude and appreciation for the amazing relationships we have formed, the excitement each time someone new joins our team, and how absolutely awe-inspiring it is to be a Pioneer for this new way of living we can’t wait to fully share with the world!