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One Community Now Seeking Permaculturalists

One Community is now seeking two additional Permaculturalists to join either our Core Team or our Volunteers and Consultants team.

The people who join our team as either volunteers/consultants or members typically fit one or more of the following descriptions:



The following are the skills of an ideal candidate for this position if we would have one person dedicated full time to a leadership role. We would like to have multiple people and are open to exploring win-win relationships with people of varying skill levels.

  • Permaculture design certification with a strong background in horticultural science, botany, agricultural production, sustainability and/or related field with minimum 7 years working experience managing organic food production/gardens/related projects, and application of sound permaculture principles
  • Demonstrated ability in pattern recognition and perception of complex biological, hydrological, and energy interactions
  • Comprehensive understanding and experience in permaculture adaptations to high desert regions
  • Ability to supervise multiple ongoing permaculture practices
  • Well versed in soil amending techniques
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Desire to help create everything referenced here: Highest Good Food



Here is the One Community component-overview video: