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One Community is a 100%-volunteer organization. We promote the work of our Consultants/Collaborators to help everyone create personal and business success while making a global difference too. Our approach to this as a Highest Good for All organization is a win-win-win-win philosophy:

  1. Planet
  2. People
  3. Industry
  4. One Community

We see prioritizing these in this order as the fastest way for building mainstream support and interest. Gaining mainstream support is the most effective method for building additional markets interested in everything One Community and our collaborative team are creating. This in turn supports the success of everyone helping One Community and specifically forwards global expansion of all sustainability related industries. Accomplishing this is the foundation of our 4-phase strategy for world change and creating self-sufficient and self-replicating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities all over the world.






Putting planet and people first is our chosen path to success for the planet, all our sustainability focused collaborators, the sustainability industry as a whole, and One Community as an organization. As a 100% unpaid-volunteer organization, here are the details of how we are helping our volunteers and consultants now and into the future:

  • You can use our global organization as a reference and add us to your resumé and/or website.
  • We are experts at promoting the people who help us through our marketing program and our weekly-updates promotional blog.
  • We will provide long-term referrals and we specifically credit volunteers on the pages related to the areas you help with.
  • We produce a professional announcement and add you to the website as an official members of our team after two months of being an active volunteer.
  • We’ll be memorializing everyone who invests significant time into all major components of One Community through a plaque or other permanent method of recognition as part of the structures themselves and as part of the open source blueprints we are providing to the world for duplication.
  • Our open source model is a huge marketing engine that continues to grow and is purposed to help those who help us promote their services and products and find paid consulting work. We do this through your listing on our Consultants/Partners Page, the page specific to any component you help with, and ongoing sharing of your work and contribution in The One Community Weekly Updates Written Blog and related posts to our social media outlets. These ways we market you will exist forever and the number of people seeking help through us is growing. It will predictably continue to grow even more and even faster as our project grows. We see this as having huge revenue potential for anyone who helps us in these early stages of development.
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