Creating Win-Win Relationships

One Community seeks out relationships that further our goals as well as others’. Finding this win-win situation is critical. As an all-volunteer world-change organization, we are seeking those who want to help with our open source creations. If you can accomplish anything on our task list that benefits you while also supporting our humanitarian goals, then we are very interested in working with you.

We are currently only choosing to add people to our team that possess specific skill sets and want to contribute to these goals. For those that join us, there are several benefits available based on your contribution. Please learn more about this at our promotion and compensation pages.


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If you are an open source organization, educational organization, a provider of technology, or a skilled professional interested in working with us to help us finish any of these open source creations, we are very interested in collaborating with you. In return, we will promote your efforts toward completing these designs.



One Community is a for The Highest Good of All organization. Achieving this goal is our main priority. We want to ensure that anyone we collaborate or work with benefits our organization as well as themselves. Aligning these expectations and efforts is critical toward providing a positive impact for the world.




Q: How do you evaluate if a potential relationship is “win-win” for One Community?

The question we ask ourselves when evaluating every relationship/partnership is:

  • Does this relationship move one or more of the diversity of projects listed above forward while also benefiting the individual or group offering to help?

The answer is simple and clear in situations where it is a donation of time or direct collaboration on one of THESE ACTION ITEMS in return for the benefits listed on our How We Can Help Our Partners Page. In any situation where the benefits for someone else are clearer than for One Community, we ask ourselves:

  • Does the investment of time in the proposed direction/partnership create an equal or greater reciprocation of time invested back into the above listed goals?

If the answer is “yes” in either case, then we know the relationship will help us move our global goals forward and we therefore consider it win-win.

Q: I feel my project/idea/goals are very similar to yours, can we work together?

We seek to work together on the open source creations listed here. If your project would involve one or more of these too, we’d be interested in speaking about how we can specifically work on them together to help move forward even faster and complete them for you, us, and the world.

Q: I’d like to talk to someone about consulting on my project/another project. Can you help?

One Community’s efforts are currently focused on projects specifically related to our open source and global goals. If you are seeking people who are available for paid work and consulting, there are links on the relevant open source hubs to all the One Community consultants and partners who have helped create everything you see on our website. You are also welcome to email us for a referral as we love to promote those who have helped us. We do not, however, do any one-on-one consulting work ourselves as our sole focus is on open source creation that is publicly and globally accessible.

Q: What if I’d just like to help in any way I can, but I don’t have skills specific to any of the areas above, can I still apply?

We are seeking people who can specifically help on unfinished items listed here. Many of these are research projects, so those would be the only skills you need.

Q: Do you offer “on-the-job” training? 

We seek people with a foundational skill set that would require minimal additional training.

Q: Where can I get more details about working with One Community?

Please read the following pages:

One Community