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creating a green world, sustainable greenAlong with all the infrastructure details that are moving forward (more updates coming here this week), One Community has been in the process of updating our sustainability non-profit site to create an overview site because this site is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate as we produce more and more open source content. Looking into the future we see this overview site as being our primary site that we refer people to that will help people understand what One Community is before they dig deeper into the much more comprehensive open source blueprint site (this one).


There are two reasons for creating and updating The first is that feedback we receive is consistently a combination of appreciation for the level of detail we present and overwhelm due to this same level of detail. Because of this we are adding the image below to the foundational pages of this website to help people who like less information while maintaining all the work we have invested for those who like more information.



On the overview site we are adding a similar image and link to more quickly connect people seeking more information to the expanded pages of this site.


sustainability non profit, non profit site link, green website link, eco-non profit link


The other reason for the new site updates is the application of hundreds of hours of SEO research that we have done for a $10,000 per month internet marketing grant (click here for details on our marketing engine) that we are benefitting from. Applying what has amounted to researching almost 500,000 keywords associated with sustainability, we have created massive adwords campaigns and also optimized the new site with the most relevant of these words. All current and future marketing efforts now point to this site so people can more easily understand One Community before diving into this site that will eventually grow to be 1,000’s of pages. is also much more specifically communicating our message of global change and how we are working to usher in a new golden age of innovation, cooperation, collaboration, and global conscious focus on creating and living for The Highest Good of All.


If you’d like to compare a few of the pages, here are the ones we have completed thus far: ……..
About One Community About One Community
Physical Sustainability Physical Sustainability
Emotional Sustainability Emotional Sustainability


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