Center of Peace Eco-Hot Tub and Natural Pool Design Progress Update and Pictures

The Center of Peace, Open Source Dome Design, One Community, Eco-model Building, LEED Platinum Certified,The SEGO Center City Hub will arguably be One Community’s most important buildings and is purposed to demonstrate cutting-edge sustainability, to function as the community recreation center, dining hall, and laundry facility, and to offer a green-luxury option to donors, major eco-investors, VIPs, or anyone else that might not feel like they are initially ready to stay in one of our earthbag or straw bale hand-constructed homes. It will also replace individual kitchens, laundry rooms, and living rooms for One Community residents.

Eco Hot Tub and Natural Pool Design

A key aspect of the SEGO Center that we are excited to develop and open source free-share are our designs for an eco hot tub and natural swimming pool. To make this possible we are working with Jennifer Engelmeier  (Eco-pool and Spa Specialist and founder of, Meg West (Landscape Architect, Permaculturalist, and founder of Meg West Design), and LEED AP Team Aravind Batra (Electrical Engineer, LEED AP, Principal of P2S Engineering) and James Del Monaco (Mechanical Engineer, LEED AP, Sustainability director of P2S Engineering).

With a desire for maximum diversity, duplicability, and open source content creation, we are working together to design the eco hot tub to commercial code and standards, and the natural swimming pool to residential code and standards. This will allow us to explore, demonstrate, and open source free-share the process for both an eco-pool and eco hot tub design, and both residential and commercial codes (designing to California Code standards for maximum duplicability), all assisting us in providing what we believe will evolve into the most comprehensive and detailed open source and free-shared plans available for both.

Here are a few initial concept pictures:

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The eco hot tub will occupy the central area of the SEGO Center and the natural swimming pool is being designed to function as an indoor and outdoor pool with an indoor waterfall and the ability to swim under the wall to transition from outside to inside. The picture below demonstrates this but we are now in the process of updating the designs such that the pool is also centrally located and close to the hot tub.

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SEGO Center Level 1 CAD Screenshot

For more information visit:

The Center of Peace Details Page

Foundational Natural Pool and Eco Hut Tub Designers:

Jennifer Engelmeier: Eco-pool and Spa Specialist and founder of
Meg West: Landscape Architect, Permaculturalist, and founder of Meg West Design

Additional thanks to our overall design team:

Andrew Sadera: Architect Drafter and Designer
Douglas Simms Stenhouse: Architect and Water Color Artist (see:
Karl Harris: Architect Drafter, Designer, and founder of Harris Design & Technology Services

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