Ecologically Addressing Education – One Community Weekly Progress Update #345

Ecologically addressing education is about sustainable, forward-thinking education to help people become conscientious global stewards. It is about teaching how to learn more than what to learn, solutioneering and thinking outside the box, and understanding how our individual… Read More

A Complete Eco-Design System – One Community Weekly Progress Update #342

One Community is creating a complete eco-design system for construction of sustainable and self-replicating communities, villages, and cities around the world. It is open source and free-shared, includes 7 sustainable village models, food self-sufficiency plans, energy infrastructure, all-ages… Read More

Better Living Through Ecological Living – One Community Weekly Progress Update #353

We can create better living through ecological living. Ecological living that includes sustainable approaches to food, energy, housing, education, for-profit and non-profit economic design, social architecture, fulfilled living, and global stewardship practices can reduce our living expenses, increase… Read More

One Community Featured on The Bridge with Jim Hamell to Discuss Open Source Sustainability

The Bridge – Jae Sabol & Lee Camp from Jim Hamell on Vimeo. Open Source Sustainability Jae Sabol, the Executive Director of the One Community Non-profit Organization, was interviewed by Jim Hamell for The Bridge last week to… Read More