Jump Starting World Change – One Community Weekly Progress Update #343

Open source sustainability resources are a path to jump starting world change for the Highest Good of all people and life on this planet. Humanity has the ability to create a sustainable world if enough people participate and we are creating open source plans to help. They are sustainable, replicable, and cover foodenergyhousingeducationfor-profit and non-profit economic designsocial architecturefulfilled livingglobal stewardship practices, and more. We will use them to build One Community as a teacher/demonstration hub to help the world reach the necessary tipping point.

Jump Starting World Change, One Community Weekly Progress Update #343


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One Community’s physical location will forward this movement as the first of many self-replicating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities to be built around the world. This is the October 20th, 2019 edition (#343) of our weekly progress update detailing our team’s development and accomplishments:

Jump Starting World Change
One Community Progress Update #343




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Highest Good housing, cob construction, earthbag construction, straw bale construction, earthship construction, subterranean construction, sustainable homes, eco-homesOne Community is jump starting world change through Highest Good housing that is artistic and beautiful, more affordable, more space efficient, lasts longer, DIY buildable, and constructed with healthy and sustainable materials:

This week the core team finished adding the updated content to the sustainable hand dryer options page. These updated dryers reflect the improvements made by each of the top companies we’d already identified within this industry. The page is now complete until we begin purchasing hardware for the Earthbag Village and Duplicable City Center for jump starting world change.

sustainable hand dryer options, Earthbag Village, Duplicable City Center, Jump Starting World Change, One Community Weekly Progress Update #343

The core team also continued working on the Murphy bed instructions in SketchUp 3D. We combined the latest design with the Earthbag structure and added three scenes: bed-down, bed-up & table/sits-up, and bed-up & table/sits-down. These are to help with completion of the assembly instructions.

Murphy bed instructions in SketchUp 3D, Earthbag structure, Jump Starting World Change, One Community Weekly Progress Update #343

Continued Working on the Murphy Bed Instructions in SketchUp 3D – Click for Earthbag Village Furniture Page

And Bahy Ahmed (Architect) completed his 3rd week helping with the Earthbag Village 4-dome cluster roof designs. This week, jump starting world change, Bahy created version 3.0 shown here with a new furniture layout, column details, stair details, and rooftop patio details.

Earthbag Village 4-dome cluster, roof designs, Jump Starting World Change, One Community Weekly Progress Update #343

Continued Helping With the Earthbag Village 4-dome Cluster Roof Designs – Click for Page


duplicable city center, open source city hub, laundry, dining, swimming pool, hot tub, kitchen, library, game roomOne Community is jump starting world change through a Duplicable and Sustainable City Center that is LEED Platinum certified/Sustainable, can feed 200 people at a time, provide laundry for over 300 people, is beautiful, spacious, and saves resources, money, and space:

This week Ron Huang (Mechanical Engineer) continued with his 24th week working on the Energy Modeling for our LEED Platinum certification and City Center open source HVAC design tutorial. This week’s focus was incorporating mixed-mode ventilation and daylight harvesting. This successfully reduced the targeted annual total energy consumption by 50% of baseline which helps in jump starting world change..

City Center, open source, HVAC design tutorial, Jump Starting World Change, One Community Weekly Progress Update #343

Incorporated Mixed-mode Ventilation and Daylight Harvesting – Click for HVAC Page

Tianyu Zhou (Architect and Structural Engineering Consultant) also continued helping with the Duplicable City Center beam and column structural details for jump starting world change. This week she optimized the sizes for steel girders based on the result from SAP analysis, using W16x26 (T=13.625in>11.875in). She also started checking whether 11.857″-560 wood joists are adequate to support gravity load based on the deflection limit (ΔLL=L/360 and ΔTL=L/240).

Duplicable City Center beam and column structural details, Jump Starting World Change, One Community Weekly Progress Update #343

Optimized the Sizes for Steel Girders Based on the Result From Sap Analysis – Click for Engineering Page


sustainable food, best practice food, sustainable food systems, aquaponics, walipini, aquapini, zen aquapini, One Community, open source food, free-shared architecture, sustainable living, green living, eco living, living ecologically, for The Highest Good of All, transforming the world, grow your own food, build your own greenhouse in the ground, ground greenhouse, open source architecture, architects of the future, sustainability non-profit, 501c3 organization, sustainable life, water catchment, organic food, food anywhere, maximum food diversity, build your own farmers market, sustainability cooperative, sustainable living group, open source, sustainability nonprofit, free-shared plans, teacher/demonstration village, open source project-launch blueprinting, One Community UpdateOne Community is jump starting world change through Highest Good food that is more diverse, more nutritious, locally grown and sustainable, and part of our open source botanical garden model to support and share bio-diversity:

This week the core team continued researching ethical harvesting of farm animals. After much review we found a quality step-by-step video for butchering a goat or lamb, including breaking down to specific meat cuts ready to wrap, and one simple but quality article: “Humane killing of sheep”. We also confirmed three quality sheep shearing videos and added them to our behind-the-scenes Google Doc. You can see some of this work here which we are doing for jump starting world change.

sheep shearing videos, Jump Starting World Change, One Community Weekly Progress Update #343

Continued Researching Ethical Harvesting of Farm Animals and Sheep Shearing – Click for Sheep Page

The core team while working towards jump starting world change also finished the rabbit tractor assembly instructions and began the multiple rabbit hutch assembly instructions. We also made updates to the rabbit hutch with ventilation openings in the nursing area, as shown here.

rabbit tractor assembly instructions, Jump Starting World Change, One Community Weekly Progress Update #343

Finished the Rabbit Tractor Assembly Instructions and Began the Multiple Rabbit Hutch Assembly Instructions – Click for Page

In addition, the core team continued developing the behind-the-scenes open source permaculture design content. This week we made progress on Step 3 that describes design options and processes, along with mainframe mapping, zones, and random assembly. You can see some of this work done for jump starting world change here.

open source permaculture design, Jump Starting World Change, One Community Weekly Progress Update #343

Continued Developing the Behind-the-scenes Open Source Permaculture Design Content – Click for Page


One Community school, One Community education, teaching strategies for life, curriculum for life, One Community, transformational education, open source education, free-shared education, eco-education, curriculum for life, strategies of leadership, the ultimate classroom, teaching tools for life, for the highest good of all, Waldorf, Study Technology, Study Tech, Montessori, Reggio, 8 Intelligences, Bloom's Taxonomy, Orff, our children are our future, the future of kids, One Community kids, One Community families, education for life, transformational livingOne Community is jump starting world change through Highest Good education that is for all ages, applicable in any environment, adaptable to individual needs, far exceeds traditional education standards, and more fun for both the teachers and the students. This component of One Community is about 95% complete with only the Open Source School Licensing and Ultimate Classroom construction and assembly details remaining to be finished. We’ll report on the final two elements to be finished as we develop them.

With over 8 years of work invested in the process, the sections below are all complete until we move onto the property and continue the development and open sourcing process with teachers and students – a development process that is built directly into the structure of the education program and everything else we’re creating too:

Highest Good education, open source education, progressive education, One Community education, forward-thinking education, learning skills, Jump Starting World Change

Highest Good Education: All Subjects | All Learning Levels | Any Age – Click image for the open source hub


a new way to life, living fulfilled, an enriching life, enriched life, fulfilled life, ascension, evolving consciousness, loving lifeOne Community is jump starting world change through a Highest Good society approach to living that is founded on fulfilled living, the study of meeting human needsCommunity, and making a difference in the world:

This week Emilio Nájera (Digital Marketer) also continued with his 50th week as part of the marketing team. This week he continued working on the “Solutions that Create Solutions” list of keywords by adding “donating” prefixes in order to increase the amount of keywords for the Donations campaign we’re developing for jump starting world change..

Solutions that Create Solutions, Donations Campaign, Jump Starting World Change, One Community Weekly Progress Update #343

Added “Donating” Prefixes to Increase the Amount of Keywords for the Donations Campaign – Click for Page


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OVERVIEW       ●       LOCATION       ●       FUNDING






One Community is creating a place to grow together and change the world together. We are creating a space that helps each other live in integrity with each other and the planet as we strive to be the greatest versions of ourselves. We do this by harmoniously respecting each other, nature, and the rest of our one shared planet.

Our goal is to demonstrate what we feel is the most sustainable, healthy, and fun environment we can create. A place based on compassion, kindness, and collaboration. This replicable community will serve as an example for what is possible.

Throughout our design process we are open sourcing and free-sharing everything needed for construction and replication. This includes what we call “Highest Good” approaches to foodenergyhousingeducationfor-profit and non-profit economics designsocial architecturefulfilled livingstewardship practices and more. We are creating these resources for implementation as individual components or complete developments called teacher/demonstration hubs. These hubs will help launch additional hubs as awareness and knowledge grow.


One Community will be the first teacher/demonstration hub. It will function as an experiential-learning model that facilitates mass participation to address humanity’s most pressing challenges through: A replicable model for expansion, building seven self-sufficient village/city prototypes, becoming the world leader in open-source sustainability solutions, and evolving and expanding ALL aspects of sustainable living.


The One Community self-replicating model is capable of creating a sustainable planet within 30 years. We will achieve this by establishing successful teacher/demonstration hubs on every continent. Villages include designs appropriate for each of the five main types of climates. They also include options for even the most challenged economies. These hubs will collaborate with one another, share ideas, resources, and work together as a network to heal the planet. They will also transform the global lifestyle to a more enjoyable, fulfilling, healthy, and sustainable one.

The specifics of how One Community is accomplishing this can be found on the One Community Solution Model to Create Solution-creating Models Page. Research supporting and showing the benefits of a model like this can be found on our Research and Resources Articles Archive.

Even if we don’t achieve our ultimate goal of global transformation, a self-replicating teacher/demonstration model like this will take a relatively short period of time to positively affect millions while inspiring millions more.  For One Community residents (the Pioneer Team), the idea of creating and sharing the social and recreational experience with visitors is also fun, exciting, fulfilling, and an additional reason why we are creating this.


One Community’s four-phase strategy for the creation of solution models that create solution creating models uses open source blueprints for duplication that simultaneously address all aspects of the human experience (food, energy, housing, education, social inequality and injustice, fulfilled living, etc.). We see these areas as interdependent and requiring a comprehensive solution if humanity is to move ecologically, socially, economically, and permanently towards a truly sustainable future for everyone.

Our open source model and blueprints engage and inspire people while simultaneously making sustainable living more affordable and easy to replicate. By free-sharing the step-by-step plans people need for duplication, inviting people to participate, and demonstrating sustainable teacher/demonstration hubs as a more desirable way of living, the model will predictably expand on its own.

It is this approach we see uniting the world and leading to a new Golden Age for humanity. While we understand that not everyone believes this is even possible, we are nonetheless bringing together all those that do see this as possible as the non-profit think tank of forward-thinking individuals willing to design, build, and open source project-launch blueprint and free-share it for The Highest Good of All.


We are creating everything One Community does as open source and free-shared blueprints because we see this as the path to a new Golden Age of creativity, innovation, cooperation, and collaboration for all of humanity. Our model is a solution model that creates additional solution creating models enabling people to live and collaborate globally for The Highest Good of All. The easier we make everything we do, the faster we see the world transitioning.

Every aspect of this model supports itself and contributes to its success, from the sustainable foodenergy, and homes, to the social architectureOne Community Education Program, and open source sharing model itself. Each piece can be accessed, evolved, and even re-birthed as something completely new. It can be duplicated by itself or with other modules, with applications as diverse as the people who want and need them. The constantly expanding total model will additionally be able to be used in its entirety as the open source project-launch blueprint for a variety of duplicate teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities capable of being built virtually anywhere.

The most profound part is: the more we open source share, the more we help move everyone forward, the more people know about what we are doing and can participate, and the more successful and capable we are of project-launch blueprinting and sharing even more still. This is all supported and made possible because:

  • We have the team to produce an extensive quality and diversity of tools and resources
  • It gives us the opportunity to broaden the concept of sustainability and make it more desirable
  • Areas we open source expand our ability to evolve even faster through global collaboration
  • Each new area open sourced expands our target audience, advancing our world changing goals
  • The more we show our ability to share what we are creating, the more others will benefit and want to join this movement and mimic the part we are playing in it


One Community sees the issues of the world as interdependent and interconnected. To address them simultaneously, we are open-source blueprinting a more advanced standard of living by designing holistic, environmentally-regenerative, self-sustaining, adaptable solutions for all areas of sustainability. We will model these within a comprehensive “village/city” which will be built in the southwestern U.S. This teacher/demonstration hub will be a place people can experience a new way of living and then replicate it with our open source blueprints: creating a model solution that creates additional solution-creating models.

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