One Community Welcomes Frank Roland Vilcapaza Diaz to the Engineering Team!

One Community welcomes Frank Roland Vilcapaza Diaz to the Engineering Team as our newest Volunteer/Consultant! Frank graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Mississippi State University. He is a creative and highly motivated Engineer-in-Training who knows how… Read More

Creating a Comprehensive Global Solution – One Community Weekly Progress Update #27

One Community is creating a comprehensive global solution. One Community’s open source project-launch blueprinting strategy and the fact that we are open-sourcing and addressing ALL elements of society simultaneously are a combination unique to our organization. Together these… Read More

How Can You Change the World – One Community Weekly Progress Update #13

How can you change the world? We are creating open source and free-shared answers so everyone asking that question has a diversity of options from 1-time internet participation to building complete sustainable and self-sufficient teacher/demonstration villages. This is our weekly progress… Read More

The Open Source & Free-sharing Tropical Atrium Design Portal is Now Live

We are very happy to report that the open source project-launch blueprinting portal for the Tropical Atrium (click to visit) is now live! Along with the creation of this page detailing this component of the One Community sustainable infrastructure, we have… Read More