One Community Welcomes Philip Bogaerts to the Research Team!

One Community welcomes Philip Bogaerts to the Research Team as our newest Volunteer/Consultant! Philip has a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from KU Lueven. He has worked for almost 3 years as a Regional Technical Advisor for Guardian Industries,… Read More

One Community Welcomes Yujue Wang to the Design Team!

One Community welcomes Yujue Wang to the Architectural Design Team as our newest Volunteer/Consultant! Yujue graduated from The University of Pennsylvania where she received a Master’s Degree in Architecture. She is very interested in sustainable and regenerative design… Read More

A Sustainable Future IS Possible – One Community Weekly Progress Update #16

One Community believes a sustainable future is possible if enough people if enough people want it. For that to happen we feel a working model with widespread appeal must be created. It should be affordable, applicable across a diversity… Read More

How Can You Change the World – One Community Weekly Progress Update #13

How can you change the world? We are creating open source and free-shared answers so everyone asking that question has a diversity of options from 1-time internet participation to building complete sustainable and self-sufficient teacher/demonstration villages. This is our weekly progress… Read More

Architects of the Future

Let’s be our own architects of the future and create a global cooperative for The Highest Good of All. We think that most of us sustainability-minded people know and agree that the technology and resources exist on this… Read More

World Change Progress Update – One Community Weekly Progress Update #6

Here is our One Community written and video world change progress update (#6) for the week of April 1st, 2013! Here’s our project overview Here’s our world-change methodology We are open source and free-sharing do-it-yourself designs for these areas first: (click icons… Read More