Open Sourcing More of Our Internal Process: 2 New Pages Related to Internal Review and Productivity

What One Community is working on right now is arguably some of the most important developmental aspects of the entire project. We are a dedicated, organized, and professional team contributing weekly to an ever-evolving action list and seeking others excited to create this with us. The minimum anyone on this team can expect to contribute is about 10 hours a week and we have spent the last two years fine tuning how to work together for maximum effectiveness and developing a results based monitoring and evaluation process and Performance Management Template into what they now are: productive, efficient, and  ongoing foundations for collaborative team leadership skills development.

One Community Results Based Monitoring, Organizing World Change, Open Source Contribution


The first is our Results Based Monitoring and Evaluation Process page created to share:

  • How this system is foundational to the phase of creation we are in no
  • What makes up the minimum time investment expectations for being a Pioneer
  • How we use “tangible contribution” to maintain focus and productivity on our priorities

The Second is our Performance Management Template for conducting 2-directional monthly performance management reviews. There are three primary team building objectives for this template and the monthly performance reviews we conduct:

1) Individual gives feedback to the Review Facilitator regarding community performance/experience
2) Review Facilitator(s) give feedback regarding individual’s performance
3) Facilitator and Individual co-create strategy for improvement of both #1 and #2

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