Welcome Consultant Jennifer Engelmeier – Eco Spa and Pool Specialist

One Community Consultant, eco pool specialist, eco jacuzzi specialist, green pool expert, sustainable swimmingOne Community is happy to welcome Jennifer Engelmeier, Eco-pool and Spa Specialist, to the One Community Consultant Team.  Jennifer has 15 years of experience working with DEL Ozone, specializing in reducing chemicals by utilizing ozone technology and other natural water purifiers and clarifiers. In 2011 Jennifer started her own business to help people searching for better, healthier water and now operates LoveYourHotTub.com and LoveYourPool.com. Through her years of working in the industry, Jen combines a wealth of experience with an extensive community of pool, spa, and sanitation experts helping us design the Center of Peace natural pool, jacuzzi, and laundry facility to minimize environmental impact while maximizing water quality, health, and safety.

For more information on the Pool and Spa Designs Jennifer is helping us with, visit our Center of Peace Details Page.

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