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Duplicable City Center Kitchen

This page is the open source and free-shared design and construction page for the Duplicable City Center open source kitchen. This page will continue to evolve until it includes complete open source and free-shared county approved comprehensive building plans, purchase orders, construction instructions, editable CAD downloads and Sketchup files, installation tips and tricks, maintenance details, and all other needed specifics for duplication, operation, and care of this kitchen as part of the Duplicable City Center or as a stand-alone component. After that it will evolve even further through global collaboration and sharing the evolutions and adaptations of other people’s projects using these templates and plans. This page includes the following sections:

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The duplicable city center kitchen is an open source duplicable and maximally energy efficient kitchen designed to produce and buffet-style serve 150-200 meals at a time. It is purposed for large-scale food preparation, preservation, dish washing, composting, and meeting the diverse needs of both vegans and omnivores. It will provide:

  • An electric kettle
  • Heavy duty griddle
  • Radiant char broiler
  • Double stockpot range
  • Large glass-walled pantry
  • 60″ griddle stand refrigerator
  • Combination A&B oven-steamer
  • Heavy duty range with 6 open burners
  • 4 Drop-in induction warmers and rethermalizers
  • 4 Drop-in self-contained hot & cold combination pans
  • Walk-in fridge with service-access windows and attached walk-in freezer
  • Additional basement food storage with a second walk-in fridge and freezer
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The One Community Duplicable City Center | Kitchen Concept Render

Duplicable City Center Kitchen Render, One Community, View Looking Northwest

The One Community Duplicable City Center | Kitchen Concept Render – View Looking Northwest

Duplicable City Center Kitchen Render, One Community

The One Community Duplicable City Center | Kitchen Concept Render – View Looking Northeast

One Community Duplicable City Center Root Cellar Final Render

The One Community Duplicable City Center | Root Cellar Concept Render

Here is the root cellar final layout with correct shelving and the addition of another walk-in refrigerator and attached walk-in freezer for seasonal use.

Duplicable City Center Kitchen, Basement Layout, City Center Basement Food Storage, sustainable food, Highest Good Food, City Center Root Cellar, Highest Good food, green living, eco-living

The One Community Duplicable City Center | Root Cellar Final Layout


Kitchen Layout & ScheduleEquipment Cut Sheets | Hood Cut Sheets

Open Source Kitchen, Kitchen for 200 People, One Community

Kitchen Equipment Layout – Click to Enlarge

Duplicable City Center Basement Food Storage, One Community

Basement Food Storage – Click to Enlarge

Ben Pollock with Webb Food Service Design chose and sourced our kitchen exhaust hood design, Duplicable City Center, One Community

Kitchen Line – Click to Enlarge

Kitchen Hood A, B, C – Click to Enlarge

Kitchen Hood & Heat Recovery Unit CAD Export A - click to enlargeKitchen Hood & Heat Recovery Unit CAD Export B - click to enlargeFire Suppression System CAD Export - click to enlarge



Duplicable City Center Eco-Kitchen (click image for the complete page)We want to inspire more people to build large-scale shared kitchens. We’re doing this because it supports resource conservation, Community building, and cooperation. By open source sharing these designs, the permitting process, the installation process, maintenance, and all the specific benefits of a duplicable city center kitchen like this, we hope to appeal to a broad diversity of people. Additionally, we know if we make these designs easy enough, attractive enough, and provide enough of the foundations to also make them affordable enough, then the other benefits will promote themselves and help more and more people to start investing in this more sustainable option. As part of One Community’s global-change methodology, we see this as having the potential to produce an entirely new mainstream interest in these kinds of food preparation centers and all the benefits they provide, growing and promoting the entire industry and all people and businesses associated with it.





Aravind Batra: Electrical Engineer, LEED AP, Principal of P2S Engineering
Ben PollockFull Service Restaurant & Kitchen Designer with Webb Food Service Design
James Del Monaco: Mechanical Engineer, LEED AP, Sustainability director of P2S Engineering
James Nance: Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager
Karl Harris: Architect Drafter, Designer, and founder of Harris Design & Technology Services



This section will continue to expand and eventually include complete permitted plans, specifics for all equipment, downloadable 3-D Sketchup and CAD files, instructional videos covering the entire installation process, complete maintenance and upkeep details and instructions, and more. Visit our Helping Page for details on how anyone can assist us in making all of this happen faster.

whole-systems approach for world change dishwasher, One Community

Washer and Sprayer Spec Sheets – Click to Enlarge



Here are the cost analysis details for this open source kitchen design. Click the image to visit the (copiable) GoogleSpreadsheet with the most up-to-date details. We will continue to update these specifics until the kitchen is built and functioning. After that, we’ll continue to add details to this page linking to the cost and design specifics of others who’ve used these designs too.

Duplicable City Center Kitchen Cost Analysis, One Community

Duplicable City Center Kitchen Cost Analysis – Click to Enlarge




Duplicable City Center Eco-Kitchen (click image for the complete page)Teaching people how to install, use, and maintain a kitchen capable of feeding 400 people at a time builds Community, saves resources, and has the potential to change the way people look at food preparation. This page is the process of open source sharing everything necessary for this. We are doing this as part of One Community’s global-change methodology to inspire a new generation of people to build like this and experience all the benefits for themselves and the planet so we can significantly support, forward, and accelerate the mainstream interest, implementation, and further development of this approach to collaborative living technologies.



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