One Community Launches National Volunteer Campaign and Other Updates

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One Community is happy to announce that we have launched a national nonprofit volunteer campaign in preparation for the release of our open source collaborative portal, to assist with our swiftly developing education program, and our on-going infrastructure details. In addition to world change, helping One Community comes with a lot of personal, business, and industry benefits too. We also created a page to share these benefits as part of the national campaign: Win Win Win Win Page

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One Community is a Highest Good for All organization with a win-win-win-win philosophy:

  1. Planet
  2. People
  3. Industry
  4. One Community

We see prioritizing these in this order as the most effective method for creating a sustainable planet through gaining mainstream support. We see gaining mainstream support as the most effective method for building a new market interested in sustainability. We see mainstream interest in sustainability as the essential component for the success of all our sustainability partners and for global expansion of all sustainability related industries. Accomplishing these things is the foundation of our 4-phase strategy for world change and for creating self-sufficient and self-replicating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities all over the world.

Read more on the new Win Win Win Win Page


SEGO Center City Hub: We are now starting to create 3D renderings in CAD, working on finalizing the changing area and rinse area for the central natural pool and eco hot tub, moving the library off to the side so it has a view of the regeneration zone for the natural pool and adding a second floor loft above it, and working with our newest partner, Luis Rincon, to complete the engineering details for the central cupola.

Open Source Education Program for Life: We are within 1-2 weeks of being able to create the component pages to share more details on this program. Right now we are working to complete enough details of one component that includes curriculum, teaching styles, and teaching tools so that we can present all the components in a manner that is easily understandable. Three members of our core team are currently focusing on this aspect of One Community so we are progressing it very quickly and will share the results as we complete them.

Aquaponics Infrastructure: We’ve had meetings with Avery and Doug this past week and we’re drawing up what we hope will be the last drawing Doug needs to produce the first generation of professional plans. We’ll post them here as soon as they develop.

Pod 1: We’re now three weeks into the greywater processing design of the Tropical Dome. This is the first time we’ve shared anything about this here and we should have open source content for this and/or the associated water catchment designs within another week or two.

Other News:

We’ve also just completed significant updates to our Purpose, Values, and Mission Page including this new graphic:

For The Highest Good of All, One Community Values, Care as a Value, Share as a Value, Play as a Value, Thinking Global, One Community Purpose, One Community Mission, One Community Vision, One Community Key Beliefs

Click image to visit our newly updated Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Values Page’s

We believe the most sustainable civilization is one that chooses to operate and live for the highest good of all of its people. This is our overarching philosophy and everything we do, and are working to create, is approached from this perspective because we believe that even a very small percentage of the population choosing to work together for The Highest Good of All has the ability to positively transform the world for everyone. From our perspective, Highest Good of All thinking can be divided into 3 simple values almost everyone learns as children: Care, Share, and Play.

The graphic above and the new updates to our Purpose, Values, and Mission Page have been designed to reflect these three simple values of Care, Share, and Play as we are creating synergy with our Open Source Education Program for Life and long-standing One Community components with a desire for a level of simplicity that makes sense to even the youngest people.

 Visit the updated page: Purpose, Values, and Mission Page


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