Highest Good Technology and Innovation

Highest Good Innovation and Technology

Innovation and technology are foundational components to One Community’s self-replicating teacher/demonstration hub model. They are evident in the following aspects of our project:

  • Society-Level Prototyping: Experimenting with and demonstrating ideas that have traditionally been too large for an individual or family to attempt and not mainstream enough for a city or state to pursue. We believe it’s time for an increased variety of ideas.
  • Sustainable Happiness: Striking a balance between a techno-utopia that would only be affordable for a select few and a sustainable ‘back to the land’ retreat that abandons modern advancements. We work to combine idealism and pragmatism to design a lifestyle that is both more enjoyable and more sustainable than the status quo.
  • Shared and Continuous Improvement: Focused exclusively on fostering cooperative, collaborative, open-source development to be shared with the world. We know that technology and innovation builds off of itself and that the next great idea could come from anyone on this planet, so we’re here to provide open source foundations and stimulation for that.

On this page we discuss these three areas with the following sections:

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One Community defines innovation and technology as the application and adaptation of tools and approaches for more efficient and holistic living. This includes solutions-based, sustainable, creative, and forward thinking approaches to computers, software/applications, machines, collaboration/engagement, packaging, appliances, bulk purchasing and distributing, recycling, reusing, and recreating. In areas where innovation and technology are not so clearly ecologically focused, we believe it is then a matter of how the capabilities and processes are utilized that determines whether they qualify as being “Highest Good” or not. In these cases, we choose our goals of the intended use of the technology or innovation through our for The Highest Good of All philosophy.



Highest Good Technology and InnovationWe believe that the Highest Good approach includes each generation improving their own standard of living while also leaving our planet better than they received it. Innovation and technology provide the perfect bridge between living in this ideal state and the pragmatic solutions to accomplishing it. With the rapid rate of growth in innovations and technologies today, we have the capability to collaboratively combine, re-innovate, and apply solutions that make huge advancements even faster in living standards for individuals, groups, and ultimately, our entire species and planet through:

  • Providing beneficial goods or services more efficiently and thereby more sustainably
  • Moving towards greater societal inclusivity and thereby providing value more equitably
  • Facilitating unencumbered knowledge-transfer and thereby promoting shared understanding
  • Developing new and beneficial capabilities and thereby advancing individual and societal freedom

Doing this supports our for The Highest Good of All philosophy, goes hand in hand with our Highest Good lifestyles and living approach, and functions as part of our Highest Good society model.




Highest Good society, fulfilled living, enriched life, enriching life, living to live, how to live an enriched life, keeping it all running, sustainable living, social architecture, fulfilled living, thriving, thrivability, emotional sustainability, the good life, a new way to liveOne Community’s approach to innovation and technology is combining open source do-it-yourself infrastructure with creative approaches to green living and exploring emerging technologies that enhance living (including cutting edge machines, next generation software, life hacks, etc.), evolve open source sharing it all (including multi-media tools, apps, viral sharing, collaborative networking, etc.), and help us in our goal to achieve “negative-waste” living (incorporating repurposing, recycling, regenerating, etc. to not only produce zero waste but also productively use the waste of others). These are exemplified by the following aspects of our project:


At our core, One Community’s purpose is to prototype and demonstrate novel approaches to the ways humans can happily and sustainably live and work together. While states and cities have been described as “laboratories of democracy” that are optimally suited for innovation, we are taking this concept to the next level. As we assemble our team of 500 nonprofit volunteers that are all committed to The Highest Good of All, we are in effect creating one of the largest think tanks in the world and dedicating it to exploring, applying, promoting, and evolving ideas that allow us to lead immensely satisfying and sustainable lifestyles. Due to our non-dogmatic approach and our model of openly sharing everything we do, our example will pave the way for subsequent waves of innovative teacher/demonstration hubs to be created, thereby exponentially increasing the availability and diversity of innovative approaches to fulfill human needs.


One Community is taking a balanced approach to technology by focusing on delivering the biggest “bang for your buck” so to speak; we’re providing satisfying and enjoyable lifestyles that are also resource-efficient. We’re localizing our food supply while significantly increasing the diversity of available whole, natural foods compared to the “standard American diet” (see: large-scale gardening, food forest, and aquapini and walipini planting and harvesting). We’re ensuring everyone has a home of their own, but pooling common areas such as kitchens and laundry rooms into a luxury community center. In each domain – also including education, energy, and others – we utilize innovative approaches and technology in order to provide a better living experience that uses fewer resources. And the resources we do use are carefully selected to result in “negative-waste living”. We accomplish this through bulk, packaging-conscientious purchasing and by creatively repurposing, recycling, regenerating not only our own waste, but the waste of all our visitors too.


One Community is committed to sharing everything we create as open source project-launch blueprints. To meet our non-profit and global goals, we are documenting our entire process in order to produce interesting, engaging, and effective tools, tutorials, and resources so that others can build and expand off of our foundation. Since our aim is to make a better way of life available to as many people as possible, we consider not only what is feasible for us to accomplish, but also what is realistic when considering the technology available in less affluent areas of the world. While we anticipate many visitors to our property, we recognize that by far our largest audience is the global community that has been formed by the now widespread internet availability and our team is already at the forefront of this internet use and application by engaging an audience on over 15 social media sites while also developing, using, and sharing our open source productivity and time tracking application. We’re leveraging this internet technology to provide wide access to our work both so others can build what we have created and also so others can use our work as a starting point to further improve our ideas and hopefully share their enhancements with the world as well.





Highest Good Technology and InnovationOne Community believes that the Highest Good approach includes each generation improving their own standard of living while also leaving our planet better than they received it. We are here to open source share how to do this by integrating solutions-based, sustainable, creative, and forward thinking approaches to packaging, appliances, bulk purchasing and distributing, recycling, reusing, recreating, computers, software/applications, machines, and collaboration/engagement technologies. We do this as part of our for The Highest Good of All philosophyHighest Good lifestyles and living approach, and our Highest Good society model.



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