Reinventing the Future One Community & One Teacher/Demonstration Village at a Time – One Community Weekly Progress Update #20

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These teacher/demonstration hubs will demonstrate people living lives that include more time to do the things they love to do and little or no bills because they are built on ultra-affordable and sustainable infrastructure.

The affordability of the lifestyle coupled with an internal culture of working together to create an enhanced and more fulfilling lifestyle is what we see these teacher/demonstration hubs purposed primarily to teach and share.

Our goal is to help lead and organize the initial creation of these through a working example providing an open source archive of tools, tutorial, and resources for duplication of all aspects including food infrastructureenergy infrastructurehousing infrastructurean education model, asocial architecture and recreation model, a self-governance strategy, a functioning resource based economyearth regenerative practicesfor-profit and non-profit business infrastructure, and more. Combining these things in one place will create a place where we see people reinventing the future by wanting to visit and duplicate.

This is our weekly progress update (#20) covering our accomplishments for the week of July 8th, 2013.


Click on each icon to be taken to the corresponding Highest Good hub page.

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Reinventing the Future
One Community Progress Update #20


In our opinion, reinventing the future starts with reinventing how we look at the entire living experience. The SEGO Center Duplicable City Hub is a significant part of this for One Community because it centralizes many of the functions people normally reserve complete rooms in their house for including dining, recreation, laundry, and more. Building the SEGO Center will save huge resources for One Community while providing a 5-star visiting and social gathering experience.

Our team, with the help of Karl Harris (Architect Drafter, Designer, and founder of Harris Design & Technology Services) and Andrew Sadera (Architect Drafter and Designer) continues to progress on the SEGO Center 3D! Here is the first timelapse (SEGO 3D 1.0) video showing this structure and the 3D buildout:



One Community’s version of reinventing the future includes significantly more diversity and higher quality food. More specifically, our initial food infrastructure consists of 6 different aquapini and walipini structures and the Tropical Atrium that we are open source project-launch blueprinting. The Tropical Atrium will host herbs and tropical flowers and plants and there are three primary designs for the aquapinis and walipinis: Large-scale Production AquapiniAesthetic and Diversity Focused Zen Aquapini, and the Maximally-affordable Walipini Greenhouse Design.

Each of these 7 structures will provide a different internal environment and grow a different variety of food: Tropical Atrium Social Space and Tropical Food ProductionLarge-scale Production Tropical AquapiniZen Aquapini #1: Cloud Forest HouseZen Aquapini #2: Tropical Moist HouseWalipini #1: Frost-free Arid Zone Desert HouseWalipini #2: Borderline Subtropical House, and the Walipini #3: Tropical House. All 7 structures will be a part of our botanical garden model and will produce a diversity of delicious and nutritious food far beyond anything found in a typical grocery store.


This week we completed the final editing and posting of the first 20 plants (of 60) on the Tropical Atrium Planting and Harvesting Page. We’ve had 4 people working on this open-source component and these plants went through at least 5 complete overhaul revisions to get to where they are now with complete images, descriptions, placement details, planting guidelines, cultural considerations, and links to more information. Here’s an example of one of them:

#15T :: Mentha x piperita (Variegated Peppermint)

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Mentha x piperita is a fragrant plant that flowers purple and grows 4-6″ tall. It is used in containers, rock gardens, as a border, ground cover, and in mass plantings. Variegated Peppermint is drought-tolerant and resistant to deer, mice, and insects. It is used medicinally in treating indigestion, colds, and morning sickness. It is highly flavorful and used in teas, candy, desserts, and savory dishes.


This plant is not indicated on the planting map but will be used as a filler plant throughout the TA, both on the fingers and the floor of the North 180. Its exact location will be determined near the end of the planting schedule. Its low growing habit, ability to attract bees and butterflies, and strong fragrance are the primary reasons for its inclusion. We will receive this as a rooted cutting. Mint is an extremely easy plant to grow and is nearly indestructible.

To reduce its invasive potential, plant it into pots that can be submerged in the ground. After first watering the plant, break up the roots if it is rootbound. Place the plant in a ceramic pot of good organic soil mix, if possible, as this allows the plant to wick moisture from the surrounding soil. Using a plastic pot eliminates this potential and the plant within the pot will dry out sooner, but if holes are drilled in the plastic pot it will allow some seepage and wicking of moisture to the plant.

After transplanting, again water the plant well. Most gardeners, due to the vigorous growth of the mint root system will gladly share their mint plants with you as they are usually glad to give away what they don’t need. Simply break off small root clusters and transplant them into pots or directly into the ground.

Herbaceous cuttings are also easily rooted in water, then planted as described above, or if planted in an open garden, space plants 8-12” apart, in rows 2’ apart. With all the mints the spacing is not critical, the further apart you plant the more time it takes to fill in; while closer plantings fill in sooner.

  • Thrives in dry to moist, average soil
  • Tolerates full sunlight and partial shade
  • Handling plants may cause skin irritation or allergic reaction
  • Great companion for cabbages and tomatoes, helping to keep them free of insect pests
  • For extremely vigorous rhizomes, consider root containment via barriers to prevent invasive nature

Sow seeds indoors 8-10 weeks before the last frost in loose growing medium. Cover seeds with soil 1/8 inch or 1/4 inch vermiculite. Keep moist. The seed will germinate in 10-14 days. Transplant 12-18 inches apart in a sunny location.

Root division from an existing plant stock, suckers, or cuttings is another recommended method of propagation, best done in the fall. Cuttings will root easily in a moist potting medium, or even in water.

Mint is best when used fresh. Dried mint, when stored in airtight containers, will retain its flavor and scent. To harvest, gather bunches and hang them on drying racks or spread them on screens until completely dry.


Wikipedia – Peppermint



Also the Tropical Atrium, this structure is designed to be adaptable to almost any environment and this week we finished the page detailing the planned adaptations and possible modifications for this structure. It will be maintained between 60-90 degrees Fahrenheit and 40-70% humidity and we have designed this structure with a combination of built-in heating, cooling, and humidity control methods as well as multiple methods for further modification if the build-in methods are not sufficient.

Our entire research and development process will be open source so others can be duplicated and further evolve everything we do with their own Tropical Atrium structures. Here is the new page with complete details:



Behind the scenes, our team has also completed a significant amount of additional open-source creation reinventing the future that we’ll be sharing in the next few weeks. This includes the initial drawing of the Walipini #1 & Walipini #2 planting maps and the complete rough-draft planting schedule for both. Now we are editing all of this information, cleaning up the formatting, formatting the pictures, turning the hand drawing of the maps into a combination drawing/photoshop creation, and preparing it all for posting to the website.

This process is engaged by 4 people on the team but the result is the level of detail you see above for peppermint. As we’re working on all the editing and next steps related to the work that has already been done, we are also now beginning work on the planting plans for Zen Aquapini #1: Cloud Forest House and Zen Aquapini #2: Tropical Moist House.


Reinventing the future has been demonstrated to One Community to be much more than just sustainable infrastructure, it also takes significant organization and administrative structure. This week we’ve spent a lot of time reinventing the future by updating a few of the pages related to what we’ve learned, who we are looking for as an organization, and how we have evolved this structure as an elite group of world-change-focused people. Here are the new pages:


This week we completed the update of our Communication page. Communication is a foundational value of One Community we’ve invested a huge amount of time evolving as a group. Through a consciousness for The Highest Good of All we are forwarding group dedication to clear communication skillsquality feedbackmonthly 2-directional reviews, and honing our individual ability to maintain an outward focus of our energy and intent. 

By doing so we strive to transcend our own (ego) boundaries in order to better help and support each other and the world. In this way, we’ve learned we can build trust and synergy internally so we can better perform our function as an open-source and world-change organization reinventing the future. Read our new page on communication for complete details about reinventing the future:



This week we completed the update of our Who We Are and Who We Seek page. Who we are and who we seek are people with the mentality for The Highest Good of All who are ready to support, help create, share, and evolve everything on this site, and all the things we haven’t thought of yet, as we strive to do the absolute best and most intelligent and ethical process we can collectively come up with for reinventing the future and creating a better future for everyone. Visit our new page dedicated to discussing this:



As an elite team of professionals working together for dramatic world change, experience has taught us the key elements of reinventing the future that are foundational to the smooth and effective operation of our organization as a whole. We have also learned that if we are all accountable to each of the foundational elements, then traditional administration and management are not necessary. This has led to years of evolution in our management process and a hands-off administrative policy that is now detailed on our updated policies and procedures page:



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OVERVIEW       ●       LOCATION       ●       FUNDING





One Community is creating a place to grow together and reinventing the future together. We are creating a space that helps each other live in integrity with each other and the planet as we strive to be the greatest versions of ourselves. We do this by harmoniously reinventing the future of respecting each other, nature, and the rest of our one shared planet.

Our goal is to demonstrate what we feel is the most sustainable, healthy, and fun environment we can create. A place based on compassion, kindness, and collaboration. This replicable community will serve as an example for what is possible.

Throughout our design process we are open sourcing and free-sharing everything needed for construction and replication. This includes what we call “Highest Good” approaches to foodenergyhousingeducationfor-profit and non-profit economics designsocial architecturefulfilled livingstewardship practices and more. We are creating these resources for implementation as individual components or complete developments called teacher/demonstration hubs. These hubs will help launch additional hubs as awareness and knowledge grow on reinventing the future.


One Community will be the first teacher/demonstration hub. It will function as an experiential-learning model that facilitates mass participation to address humanity’s most pressing challenges through: A replicable model for expansion, building seven self-sufficient village/city prototypes, becoming the world leader in open-source sustainability solutions, and evolving and expanding ALL aspects of sustainable living.


The One Community self-replicating model is capable of creating a sustainable planet within 30 years. We will achieve this by establishing successful teacher/demonstration hubs on every continent reinventing the future. Villages include designs appropriate for each of the five main types of climates. They also include options for even the most challenged economies. These hubs will collaborate with one another, share ideas, resources, and work together as a network to heal the planet and learn reinventing the future. They will also transform the global lifestyle to a more enjoyable, fulfilling, healthy, and sustainable one.

The specifics of how One Community is accomplishing this can be found on the One Community Solution Model to Create Solution-creating Models Page. Research supporting and showing the benefits of a model like this can be found on our Research and Resources Articles Archive.

Even if we don’t achieve our ultimate goal of reinventing the future and global transformation, a self-replicating teacher/demonstration model like this will take a relatively short period of time to positively affect millions while inspiring millions more.  For One Community residents (the Pioneer Team), the idea of creating and sharing the social and recreational experience with visitors is also fun, exciting, fulfilling, and an additional reason why we are creating this.


One Community’s four-phase strategy for the creation of solution models that create solution creating models uses open source blueprints for duplication that simultaneously address all aspects of reinventing the future and the human experience (food, energy, housing, education, social inequality and injustice, fulfilled living, etc.). We see these areas as interdependent and requiring a comprehensive solution if humanity is to move ecologically, socially, economically, and permanently towards a truly sustainable future for everyone.

Our open source model and blueprints engage and inspire people for reinventing the future while simultaneously making sustainable living more affordable and easy to replicate. By free-sharing the step-by-step plans people need for duplication, inviting people to participate, and demonstrating sustainable teacher/demonstration hubs as a more desirable way of living, the model will predictably expand on its own.

It is this approach we see uniting the world and leading to a new Golden Age for humanity. While we understand that not everyone believes reinventing the future is even possible, we are nonetheless bringing together all those that do see this as possible as the non-profit think tank of forward-thinking individuals willing to understand reinventing the future and design, build, and open source project-launch blueprint and free-share it for The Highest Good of All.


One Community is open source sharing an evolution of sustainable living and reinventing the future that addresses the complete human experience. We are doing this because we see the solutions for global food, housing, energy, education, social inequality, ethical business practices, earth regenerative practices, and a desire for a more fulfilling living experience as inseparably interconnected. As a comprehensive solution, we are addressing all these areas simultaneously and open source free-sharing everything needed for individual duplication and/or duplication as complete self-replicating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities to be built around the world.

As we address and open source share these areas we will establish a living example of the first teacher/demonstration village purposed to teach others. To maximally facilitate duplication, One Community will provide seven duplicable examples and function indefinitely as a place people can visit and a non-profit and open source think tank to continue reinventing the future and share solutions in all of the above areas, reinventing the future, and more. We will also provide hands-on experience and training on reinventing the future. Most importantly, growing upon our sustainable foundation, we will endlessly make this comprehensive solution even more widely known and globally accessible, understandable and diversely duplicable, and inspiring and desirable as a model worth duplicating.


The more people that are inspired and desiring for themselves what it is that One Community creates, the more demand there will be for spreading the One Community model of reinventing the future. This leads to the directing of financial resources and resourceful people where we believe they are needed most: the establishment of additional sustainable communities around the world. We also feel this duplication will specifically happen quickly internationally due to the affordability of overseas land, less restrictive building environments, and the spirit of adventure in many people who really desire to make a difference for those who need it most.

To meet the increasing demand for sustainability that we are contributing to, we are coordinating with manufacturers, education institutions, individuals, and vendors. This is also part of this model to help in reinventing the future. Its purpose is to facilitate more engagement in the sustainability industry, produce the absolute best possible consumer value, and the most convenient delivery of goods and methodologies for building sustainable living communities and sustainable living components.

This means we not only provide education and increase needed sustainability resources, but we also address reinventing the future and the underlying roadblocks to a sustainable planet by decreasing the cost and simultaneously increasing the demand and generating financial support for global sustainability, philanthropy, and humanitarian movements and organizations.

As demand increases, so too will the ways to participate. Right now people are participating as consultants or partners donating time to our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and others are more involved as Pioneers of the core team that will be moving to the property. We also have options for people to just follow our progress or participate through internet contribution.

Once the supportive physical infrastructure is about 30% developed, One Community will be ready to additionally expand what we offer to include scholarships, free weekend learning groups, core team members choosing to travel abroad to help others get established on reinventing the future too, handling the marketing for all similar models operating for The Highest Good of All, and hosting classes and other sponsored events to promote and demonstrate additional methodologies.

We also imagine the high likelihood that our organization will become a foundation that can be trusted as the donation point for the distribution of monies to help others establish this model of reinventing the future.


One Community is building solution-creating models designed to create additional solution-creating models to specifically facilitate exponential and sustainable global teacher/demonstration village growth. The following four phases of the strategy we are applying are designed to support each other and accelerate the process globally:

Phase I: Demonstrating a Better Way

We are designing One Community to demonstrate reinventing the future and an experience of living that we believe most people will consider to be better because it will teach them reinventing the future and will be more enjoyable and fulfilling. We also think most people will consider it better because it makes reinventing the future possible specifically through a foundation of sustainable sustainability and a philosophy that is for The Highest Good of All.

Phase II: Open Source Project-Launch Blueprinting

Everything we do we are open source project-launch blueprinting and free-sharing to make it as easy and affordable as possible to duplicate, adapt, and evolve in the manner that suits each individual and/or group’s needs. Free-sharing information like this is our aggressive exposure engine and an aspect of One Community that will accelerate indefinitely as we continue to build our team, move onto the property, and continuously build and evolve everything that is One Community.

Phase III: Inviting the World to Participate

Everything we are open source project-launch blueprinting is designed to invite the world to participate in reinventing the future by duplicating it as either individual components or complete teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities that will be able to be built almost anywhere in the world. Additionally, people can join One Community as membersconsultants and/or partners, or use the suggestions links on our open source project-launch blueprinting hubs to help with the design, implementation, and evolution process. Scholarships, weekend learning, work crews, and tourism will be the foundations of One Community once we have sufficient infrastructure in place to support these options.

Phase IV: Universal Appeal and Global Expansion

As One Community continues evolving and establishing ourselves, everything we create and promote will serve as the engine for reinventing the future and inspiring people to align with the concept of open source and sustainable living for The Highest Good of All. We are doing this to understand reinventing the future and thus, create mainstream appeal and our path to achieving this appeal is demonstrating a happier, more affordable, and ecologically friendly model of living that can be built anywhere in the world.

Open source project-launch blueprinting it all is how we believe the model will spread and, possibly most importantly, that it will predictably spread even faster in the areas where it is needed most because building restrictions, the cost of land, and materials costs are in most cases lower in these areas.


We are creating everything One Community does as open source and free-shared blueprints because we see this as reinventing the future and the path to a new Golden Age of creativity, innovation, cooperation, and collaboration for all of humanity. Our model is a solution model that creates additional solution creating models enabling people to live and collaborate globally for The Highest Good of All. The easier we make everything we do, the faster we see the world transitioning.

Every aspect of this model supports itself and contributes to its success, from the sustainable foodenergy, and homes, to the social architectureOne Community Education Program, and open source sharing model itself. Each piece can be accessed, evolved, and even re-birthed as something completely new. It can be duplicated by itself or with other modules, with applications as diverse as the people who want and need them. The constantly expanding total model will additionally be able to be used in its entirety as the open source project-launch blueprint for a variety of duplicate teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities capable of being built virtually anywhere.

The most profound part is: the more we open source share, the more we help move everyone forward, the more people know about reinventing the future and what we are doing and can participate, and the more successful and capable we are of project launching blueprinting and sharing even more still. This is all supported and made possible because:

  • We have the team to produce an extensive quality and diversity of tools and resources
  • It gives us the opportunity to broaden the concept of sustainability and make it more desirable
  • Areas we open source expand our ability to evolve even faster through global collaboration
  • Each new area open sourced expands our target audience, advancing our world changing goals
  • The more we show our ability to share what we are creating, the more others will benefit and want to join this movement and mimic the part we are playing in it


One Community’s open source strategy for reinventing the future will evolve 5 primary types of open source content purposed to reach and service as broad an audience as possible. This includes the following mediums of sharing that are being developed to function as standalone resources or in combination with each other:

  • Video tutorials
  • Audio tutorials
  • Live streaming video
  • Direct/live interaction
  • Written content and downloadable PDFs

Maximum exposure is accomplished through reinventing the future by simultaneous implementation of the following strategies:

  • Free-shared audio, visual, and PDF downloads
  • Scholarship and intern programs for direct learning
  • Videoing or live-streaming almost all classes and activities
  • Tourism option for involvement in almost all aspects of One Community
  • Dedicated and search engine optimized sections of our website for each key area
  • Our established infrastructure that simultaneously posts to over 20 social networks


One Community sees the issues of the world as interdependent and interconnected. To address them simultaneously, we are open-source blueprinting a more advanced standard of living by designing holistic, environmentally-regenerative, self-sustaining, adaptable solutions for all areas of sustainability. We will model these within a comprehensive “village/city” which will be built in the southwestern U.S. This teacher/demonstration hub will be a place where people learn reinventing the future and can experience a new way of living and then replicate it with our open source blueprints: creating a model solution that creates additional solution-creating models.

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