One Community Welcomes Samuel Soroaster to the Design Team!

One Community welcomes Samuel Soroaster to the Design Team!

 doctorate in Neurophysiology, masters in Biology,  founder of Green New World, One Community ConsultantSamuel Soroaster – Permaculturalist, Sustainable Builder, and PhD in Neurophysiology: Samuel is a multiversed being dedicated to spreading Love and holistic sustainable solutions for the betterment of human civilization and the wellbeing of planet Earth. He believes the root cause of the status quo is due to the collective conditioning of competition and strives to nourish cooperation to make the world a better place. He has a doctorate in Neurophysiology from the University of California, San Francisco and a masters in Biology from the University of Cologne, Germany. He is the founder of Green New World a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting holistic sustainable living solutions and co-founder of the eco-village Nuevo Mundo in Guatemala. Over the years thousands of people have studied sustainable living and permaculture with Samuel as he continues to travel around the world providing courses and workshops. Samuel is a passionate permaculture designer, holistic water systems designer, gardener, architect, carpenter, natural builder, alternative energy designer, Reiki master and astrologer. As a biologist he has spent many years learning from nature which has inspired his ideas and inventions hence his love for biomimicry. As a One Community Consultant, Samuel is lending his extensive knowledge and experience to water systems and sewage systems design and the components of the earthbag village.


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