One Community Welcomes Vamsi Pulugurtha to the Engineering Team

One Community welcomes Vamsi Pulugurtha to the Engineering Team as our newest Volunteer/Consultant!


Mechanical Engineer: Vamsi works as a CAE Engineer at GM Research and Development. He’s worked with GM since 2014 with the primary aim of his engineering group being weight reduction as a path to increased fuel efficiency while maintaining safety. His work specifically ranges from material-testing and subsequent CAE/FEA correlation to performing full vehicle FMVSS and NCAP crash analysis. When not working, Vamsi loves going on hikes and road trips, enjoying clear blue skies, trees and beaches. Vamsi strongly believes that every single person has a responsibility to care deeply about how their day-to-day activities are impacting our planet in small but significant ways. He’s extremely passionate about clean and sustainable energy generation and storage. Coming from a country like India where almost ~300 million people (equivalent to the entire population is united states) do not have electricity, this passion for sustainability only grew stronger with time and he has always been looking to positively contribute in some way shape or form to the cause. As a One Community team member, Vamsi is applying his knowledge and passion to finite element analysis and HVAC design for the Duplicable City Center and Tropical Atrium.


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