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One Community Seeks Educators, Parents, & Creative Minds

One Community is now seeking additional people to join our Core Team or our Volunteers and Consultants team in creating lesson plans for all ages Highest Good Education. We are looking for people who would like to do any of the following:

  • Create specific and broadly applicable all-ages lesson plans based on central themes
  • Do image research for some of the examples in each section of each lesson plan
  • Use photoshop to create the mindmap (for those with Photoshop experience)
  • Input all the images and bullet points into a webpage for our website

The people who join our team as either volunteers/consultants or members typically fit one or more of the following descriptions:


We’re seeking teachers and other creative educators to help with lesson plans purposed to teach all subjects, to all learning levels, in any learning environment using central-values themes like Love, Honesty, Communication, etc. and other general themes like Space, Summer, Quality and Quantity, etc.

You can see additional lesson plans as well as the lesson plans that have been outlined and remain to be written on our Lesson Plans for Life page. We seek those interested in helping write these on your own or through weekly brainstorming call/Skype sessions with our Education Manager. For quick reference, here are some examples of finished lesson plans (more on the Lesson Plans for Life page):

Click Images to Visit the Complete Lesson Plan Pages:

"Highest Good" Lesson Plan: Teaching all subjects in the context of Highest Good“Love” Lesson Plan: Teaching all subjects in the context of Love and Connection"Open Source" Lesson Plan: Teaching all subjects in the context of Open Source“Civilization” Lesson Plan: Teaching all subjects in the context of Civilization“Communication” Lesson Plan: Teaching all subjects in the context of Communication“Dreams” Lesson Plan: Teaching all subjects in the context of Dreams

Skills that we’ve found as helpful for this task include:

  • Creativity
  • Openness to feedback
  • Ability to type ideas into a document
  • Communicate with us in a timely fashion
  • Ability to do research online as needed is a plus
  • Ability to articulate thoughts clearly and concisely
  • Experience with parenting, teaching, training, or designing curriculum is a plus
  • Desire to collaborate and contribute to making education more fun and holistic for all ages


Education Mindmap Creation in PhotoShop

We’re also seeking people to help us create lesson plan mindmaps like the one below. Doing this is a process of researching images based on the central theme, subjects, and/or lesson plan bullet points that have already been written. You then use a Photoshop template (other photo-editing software can be used too) to build a mindmap like you see below.

Open Source Mindmap, One Community

Lesson Plan Mindmap Example – Click to See All Completed and Upcoming Lesson Plans



Here is the One Community component-overview video:


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