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Seeking Food Specialists

One Community is now seeking contributions to our open source resource for nutritious menus and bulk foods for groups of 50+ and one or two chefs/culinary professionals to join either our Core Team or our Volunteers and Consultants team.

Goal: Create  (a month+ of) week long maximally nutritious, affordable, delicious, and easy to prepare menus with week-at-a-time grocery/food lists designed to feed 50+ people that are doing a lot of physical labor. We would like meals to be based on the criteria found on this page, by selecting a few bulk items for base calories each week, and making creative combinations of those and adding varying herbs, spices, cooking styles, veggies, nutrient packed foods, etc.

To help us with that, we are looking for contributions that people send in Volunteers/Consultant or member applications for the following positions:

Contributions: If you are a professional that is already creating and using nutritious bulk-foods lists/menus for large groups and would like to contribute them to our open source resource, or would recommend someone that may like to contribute, please contact us.

Volunteer/Member Applications: The people who join our team as either volunteers/consultants or members typically fit one or more of the following descriptions:



To build our resource of nutritious menus and bulk food strategies for a group of 50+, we would like multiple contributors and are open to exploring win-win relationships with people of varying skill levels, as described below. We are also open to reviewing submitted menus, recipe, and/or instructions for this purpose to add to our open source hub, so if you would like to submit some please contact us. For a detailed list of every One Community action item related to these areas and all other One Community areas, visit our Work Breakdown Structure spreadsheet.



There is the potential for a leadership role for qualified candidates with 15-20 minimum hours per week of availability – preference for this goes to full-time and pioneer applicants, but others would be considered.



If you already have information about bulk food ordering and/or storage you think would be helpful to add to our hub but do not wish to join the team, please contact us. If you are looking to join the team, here is the description of the position:

  • Positions are suitable for experienced individuals, interns, students, and researchers


  • Creating strategy for ordering and delivery of bulk food shipments for both dry goods (beans, grains etc) and produce (experience a plus)
  • Development of storage strategy for both purchased and grown bulk items

Examples of Tasks:

  • Researching bulk/commercial food vendors to see which ones are the best fit for our location/ budget/quality/selection needs
  • Researching nearby farms and individual product vendors for pricing items direct from the source
  • Establishing quality vendor accounts for bulk purchases to serve what we do not produce
  • Contacting existing communities to see what they do to feed their population & guests and whether they would like to collaborate with us



If you already have information about bulk food ordering and/or storage you think would be helpful to add to our hub but do not wish to join the team, please contact us. If you are looking to join the team, here is the description of the positions:

  • These positions are most suitable for graduates and/or professionals in the field, & qualified interns

Positions and Tasks:

  • Create diverse, nutritious weekly & monthly menus & ingredient lists for 40+ omnivore, vegetarian, & vegans
  • Ability to be creative while meeting a budget & using a limited selection of bulk foods as a base
  • Knowledge of various ethnic styles of cooking
  • Ability to integrate seasonal produce into meals
  • Thorough knowledge of fresh and dried herbs and seasonings and their applications



  • Meet the above criteria, plus create menus from many items we will be growing on the property
  • Someone who feels being a chef is their calling, & possesses the desire to lead a team preparing food for 50-200+ people
  • Knows the requirements of a good working kitchen and possesses excellent social and management skills for leading others and training them to higher levels of excellence, quality, and food presentation as we expand
  • Spirit of adventure, curiosity, and creativity


These pages are relevant to these positions we’re seeking to fill:

Highest Good Food Infrastructure

Food Self-sufficiency Transition Plan

Transition Kitchen



Here is the One Community 90-second component-overview video: