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One Community Now Seeking Video Editors and Videographers

One Community is now seeking a video editing manager/Final Cut Pro/motion video editor to join our Core Team or our Volunteers and Consultants team and two videographers to join our Core Team.

The people who join our team as either volunteers/consultants or members typically fit one or more of the following descriptions:


We are seeking to update our 6 intro videos found on our homepage. Our preference for this would be to use Final Cut Pro/Motion.

  • Manager position would consist of helping build and manage a team to work on the above
  • Editing and creation positions would consist of working as part of the above team or as an individual creating the new videos

The following are the skills of an ideal candidate for this position if we would have one person dedicated full time to a leadership role. For a detailed list of every One Community action item related to these areas and all other One Community areas, visit our Work Breakdown Structure spreadsheet. We would like to have multiple people and are open to exploring win-win relationships with people of varying skill levels.



Here is the One Community 90-second component-overview video:


One Community